Part #: 071-01501-0000

Model: KA-54A

BendixKing - Rad. Alt. Antenna
Part Number :

  • Radar altimeter antenna used with KRA-405 system
  • Two KA-54A antennas required for single KRA-405 system installation
  • Thin, small size for easy, compact installation
  • Equivalent to Sensor Systems S67-2002 (see link)
TSO Compliance: C87 Env Cat D2AJXWFD Dimensions: 3.65" L x 3.50" W x 0.73" H
Weight: 0.2 lbs. each Altitude: 60,000 ft.
Temperature Range: -54 to 85 deg. C Beamwidth: 45 deg. min (E-Plane), 40 deg. min (H-Plane)
Sidelobes: Greater than -40dB down VSWR: 4240-4360 MHz: 1.5:1 Maximum
Gain: 10 dB above isotopic Polarization: Linear
Power Handling: 1W average, 10W Peak Cross Coupling: 20 in spacing-88 dB max, 36 in spacing-95 dB max
Input Impedance: 50 ohms nominal    
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071-01501-0000 Radar Altimeter Antenna


- Rad. Alt. Antenna

NSN: 5985-01-453-5289

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There is no physical, technical, or functional difference at all between the Sensor Systems S67-2002 and Honeywell KA-54A antennas. Honeywell (Bendix/King) obtains the antennas from Sensor Systems, labels it with Part Number 071-01501-0000. In fact, Honeywell even lists the generic Sensor Systems P/N S67-2002 as a recommended antenna for the KRA-405B radar altimeter system. Please see this excerpt from the KRA-405B installation manual.

If an intermittent noise problem exists, then it is strongly recommended to use only non-magnetic stainless steel screws when mounting the KA-54A antenna. As an example of such a screw is P/N MS24693-C272.
The arrows on some radar altimeters are a reference reminder that the antennas must be mounted on the same longitudinal axis on the aircraft. Normally, the antennas are mounted so that the arrow head of one antenna points to the tail of the other antenna arrow. The 2 arrows can point at each other as long as they are on the same longitudinal axis. Click here to view a basic diagram of proper radar altimeter antenna installation.