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Part #: 071-0017-00

Model: KA-57




Autopilot Adapter

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  • Autopilot Adapter commonly used to adapt KCS-55A Compass System with Autopilot Systems
  • Converts DC heading and course datum signals from KI-525A HSI into two seperate AC signals compatible with certain autopilot systems
  • Remote mounted
  • Required if for installation of KCS-55A with Century autopilots with IC-388, IC-388M, IC-388P, IC-388C, IC-388MC radio couplers
  • Required if for installation of KCS-55A with Cessna Nav-O-Matic autopilots with C-394A, C-395A, and C-530A control/selectors



Size: 1.259"W x 3.172"H x 4.016"L Weight: 0.4 lbs.
Power Inputs: +-15 VDC from KG-102A Signal Inputs: Heading select DC input from KI-525A Course datum DC input from KI-525A AC reference input from aircraft autopilot system at 7V RMS min Localizer Normal- ground when radio coupler selector switch is at LOC Normal Localizer Energized- ground when NAV1 receiver tuned to localizer frequency
Signal Outputs: Heading select AC or course datum output transformer isolated and phase locked to reference input from autopilot Temperature: -55 to +55C (operating)
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071-0017-00 Autopilot Adapter


- Autopilot Adapter
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The KA-57 must have Service Bulletin 3 to function correctly with the Cessna 300A autopilot. SB 3 configures the adapter so that it is compatible with this autopilot with its C395A computer amplifier. The tracer oscillator in the KA-57 must be disabled by removing a circuit jumper as in all KA-57 units used in interconnects with Cessna autopilots.