Part #: 071-00159-0111

Model: KAC-501






Weather Radar Module

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  • Multifunction Display System utilizing KMD-540 Indicator
  • Same as KMD-550 but includes weather radar interface
  • Requires KAC-501 weather radar interface plug-in module for weather radar display
  • Easy joystick control and mutiple function keys used for operation (see panel key/control layout)
  • Standard display capabilities include moving map via compatibe external GPS source and stormscope/lightning information
  • Optional modules (i.e. KAC-502/503/504) can be insatlled into KMD-540 unit to expand display capabilities when used with w/ compatible sensors (see below)
  • Optional modules and compatible sensors expand unit to include traffic/TIS, terrain and datalink weather display/information
  • Moving Map/GPS interface compatible with any GPS receivers that outputs RS-232 and ARINC 429 position information
  • Can accept ARINC 429 FMS position input when KAC-504 module is installed into KMD unit
  • Advanced features include NTSC-compatible video input port and simultaneous overlay from different sensors
  • Capable of receiving magnetic heading from several sources such as synchro XYZ, FMS/HDG, traffic ARINC 429, WX-500 and airdata (note: KAC-504 module must be installed for XYZ heading to operate)
  • Heading information used to correct difference between heading and track based display pages for overlay of flightplan info and other data
  • Cartographic database presents information such as airports, VORs, SUA, rivers, roads, and more
  • Can display holding patterns, procedure turns and DME arc when interfaced to KLN-94
  • Wide viewing angle
  • 2 year factory warranty
  • Available with black, gray, or Silver Crown type bezel

  • PLEASE NOTE: Compatible avionics listed are available at additional cost, not included
COMPATIBLE SENSORS Weather Radar - (KAC-501 optional module required in KMD-540 - see example): Bendix/King ART-2000 (w/ Mod 6 at Software Mod 01/09 or higher) Bendix/King ART-2100 (w/ Mod 3 at Software Mod 01/04 or higher) Bendix/King RS-811A (from RDS-81 System) Bendix/King RS-181A (from RDS-82 System) - P/N 071-1315-00 and -30 only Bendix/King RS-841A (from RDS-84 System) - P/N 071-1315-00 and -30 only Bendix/King RS-861A (from RDS-86 System) - P/N 071-1315-00 and -30 only Stormscope/Lightning L3/Goodrich WX-500 (no interface modules required; interface is standard in KMD-540) L3/Goodrich WX-1000E (note: only functional if KAC-504 module installed and WX processor has ARINC 429 output - P/N 78-8060-6086-5 or 78-8060-6092-3) Traffic - (KAC-504 optional module required in KMD-540): Bendix/King KTA-870 Bendix/King KMH-880 Bendix/King KT-73 TIS Unit (i.e. non-active "service" oriented traffic advisories) L3/Goodrich Skywatch 497 L3/Goodrich Skywatch HP 899 Ryan 9900BX Bendix/King CAS-66A TCAS I L3/Goodrich TCAS-791 TCAS I Bendix/King CAS-67A TCAS II (note: TPU-67A processor does not use KMD-540 as control head- consult TCAS manual) Honeywell CAS-81A TCAS II (note: TPU-81A processor does not use KMD-540 as control head- consult TCAS manual) Terrain - (KAC-502 optional module required in KMD-540): Bendix/King KMH-880 Bendix/King KGP-560 EGPWS Bendix/King KGP-860 EGPWS Honeywell Mark V EGPWS Honeywell Mark VI EGPWS Honeywell Mark VII EGPWS Honeywell Mark VIII EGPWS Honeywell Mark XXI EGPWS Honeywell Mark XXII EGPWS (Click Here for a list of compatible EGPWS units) Datalink Weather - (KAC-503 optional module required in KMD-540): KDR-510 (Note: The KDR-510 is the only datalink weather system compatible with the KMD-540/550/850) *DOWNLOADS* - Click Here to download the KMD-550/850 Pilots Guide - Click Here to download the KMD-550/850 Weather Radar Addendum
Width: 6.2" (15.8 cm) Height: 4.0" (10.1 cm)
Depth: 10.0" (25.4 cm) Weight: 5.0 lbs.
Screen Size: 5.0" (12.7 cm) diagonal Temperature: -20 to +70C
Power Input: 10-33 VDC (20W) Certification: FAA TSO C113, TSO C110a


Serial # 5758
Condition SVC
Mods 1
Tag Date 09/02/21
Shop Southeast Aerospace Inc.
Warranty 6 Months
- Weather Radar Module

NSN: 5841-01-552-0486

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The KMD-540 is the actual MFD unit included in the KMD-550/850 systems. Therefore, KMD-540 + Install Kit & Database = KMD-550. And, KMD-540 + KAC-501 radar module + Install Kit & Database = KMD-850. The KMD-550 and KMD-850 are merely system reference designations. The actual MFD unit does not have the KMD-550/850 part on it.
The KAC-501, 502, 503, and 504 modules can be added and removed to the KMD-540 display unit very easily. Labeled screws are removed from the side panel and the panel is slid back. A screw on the top for the locking bar is removed, the bar is turned 90 degrees counter-clockwise and then pulled up through the top of the unit. For detailed instructions, please view this page from the KMD-550/850 Installation Manual.