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Model: KC-230




Flight Computer

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  • Flight Control Computer utilized in KC-230
  • Mates with KMC-231 Controller/Annunciator
  • Provides actual mode states back to KMC-231 controller
  • Processes received data including attitude, rate and acceleration from AHRS or other digital sources
  • Processes NAV/GPS deviations, altitude and airspeed from ADC, heading, and course data
  • Delivers AP/FD commands to integrated flight-surface control servos, providing pitch and roll control, yaw damper (if applicable) and auto pitch trim
  • Only component in KC-230 system connected directly to Avionics Bus
  • Computer is remote for KFC 200/250 replacements
  • Receives power through two independent power lines





DIMENSIONS: 7.83 inches x 6.07 inches x 1.37 inches (L x W x H) (199 mm x 154 mm x 35 mm) mounting: Horizontally
weight: Max. 2.23 lbs. (1.01 kg) current draw: Typical (28VDC): 0.48 amp, Max (VDC): 0.53 amp, Typical (14VDC): 0.96 amp, Max (14VDC): 1.07 AMP
OPERATING vOLTAGE: +9.0 to 32.2 VDC CIRCUIT bREAKERS: AP 7.5 amp, pitch Trim 5.0 amp, AP Warn 1.0 amp
cooling: Convection cooled (Does not Require forced air cooling within the unit operational temperature range Connector: DB-78 (x2), DB-26
SOFTWARE: RTC/DO-178C Level B HARDWARE: DO 160G Compliance
certification: TSO-C198 Class A1, B, C oPERATING TEMPERATURE: 20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)


Part Number: Description:
89000019-011-0000  Flight Computer, Panel Installation



- Flight Computer
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- Flight Computer (Remote Mount)
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