Part #: 071-1076-00

Model: KDA-697






RMI Adapter

Part Number :

  • RMI Adapter
  • Sine-cosine to 3-wire synchro OBS/RMI converter
  • Compact, remote mount
  • Designed to operate with the King KNR-665 RNav, KNR-615 Digital Nav, and KNR-630/631/632 Analog Nav systems
  • Electrically converts OBS Sine/Cosine Signals to 3-wire ARINC Synchro information
  • Also provides magnetic Heading corrected 3-wire synchro RMI information
  • Servo Amplifier is included to drive a RMI compass card


Temperature: -54°C to +55°C Weight: 1.4 lbs
Dimensions: 6.601"L x 3"W x 2.86"H Power Requirements: 27.5V ± 20% @ .250 amp; 26VAC 400Hz ± 10% @ 4.68vA
Input Signals (OBS use): Sine/Cosine selected course information at 10.8V max 400Hz Input Signals (RMI use): Sine/Cosine Radial information at 10.8V max 400Hz, 3-wire synchro magnetic heading information
Input Signals (Compass Servo): 400Hz Compass Error Signal Output Signals (OBS use): 3-wire Synchro Transmitter (selected course)
Output Signals (RMI use): 3-wire Synchro Transmitter (radial info); 3-wire Synchro Magnetic corrected RMI information Output Signals (Compass Servo): 400Hz Compass Motor Drive
Accuracy: ±1°    
Part Number: Description:
071-1076-00 RMI Adapter


Serial # 1523
Condition SV
Mods -
Tag Date 06/12/20
Shop Southeast Aerospace Inc.
Warranty 6 Months
- RMI Adapter

NSN: 5999-01-266-9419

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