Part #: 065-0082-02

Model: KDC-481




Air Data Computer

Part Number :




  • Air Data Computer
  • Remote Mount
  • Digitally transmits altitude information to indicator
  • Typically displays on a KAV-485 Altitude/Vertical Speed indicator
  • A component of the KAD-480 Air Data System
  • Receives ARINC 429 information via six (6) receive ports and transmits ARINC 429 information via four (4) transmitter ports
  • For the KDC-481 to be operational, the appropriate Adapter Module (P/N: 065-5041-XX) must be installed
  • No self-test functionality available when operating as a stand alone system
  • The Adapter Module tailors the KDC-481 for the specific aircraft: Parameters are determined during the installation STC
  • Plumbed into the aircraft static system
    • Note: the static air system must be leak tested according to the aircraft maintenance manual and the appropriate FARs and Advisory Circulars any time it is opened
    • Removal of the KDC-841 would require a recertification of the aircraft's static air system 



Dimensions: 3.20" W x 5.30" H x 13.63" L (with mating connector) Weight: 4.2 lbs
Mounting: Remote with supplied rack Temperature: -55°C to 70°C
Altitude Range: -1000 to 55,000 feet Power Inputs: 28 Vdc at 500 mA
Inputs: Test, Gear up/down, Test Clock, Test TXD, TAT Probe Heat, Pitot Probe Heat, Static Source Heat, AOA Sensor, Fast/Slow Deviation, Altitude SSEC, Airpseed SSEC, 40% Flap, 100% Flap, Temp Sensor Select, Rosemount Temp Hi, Rosemount Temp Lo, AOA Signal, 429 Channel 1 thru 6    
Outputs: Over and under 50 Kts, Overspeed Warning, Test RXD, Transponder, AOA Hi, +12 Vdc Reference, Discrete #1, Discrete #2, Discrete #3, 429 Channels, Instruments 1, Instruments 2, Flight Control, General Purpose    
Environmental: RTCA/DO-160B, C2c, C8c, C10b, C43a, C46a, C88a, C95     
Part Number: Description:
065-0082-00 Single, Air Data Computer
065-0082-01 Dual Master/Slave, Air Data Computer
065-0082-02 Cross Compare Monitoring, Air Data Computer
065-0082-03 Lear 31A, Air Data Computer
065-0082-04 HIRF and Lightning, Air Data Computer
065-0082-05 Dual Master/Slave - RVSM, Air Data Computer
065-0082-06 Cross Compare Monitoring - RSVM, Air Data Computer


- Air Data Computer
Price Condition Status
- Air Data Computer
Price Condition Status

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