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  • Class B certified TAWS - Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System specifically designed for light turbine and piston aircraft
  • Combines early alert/warning capability with optional terrain display (when used with compatible display)
  • Incorporates GPS position and terrain/obstacle database to indicate terrain above and below aircraft
  • Meets TSO C151a Class B TAWS requirements (-0101 and -0203 versions)
  • Meets TSO C151b Class B and C requirements (-0205 version)
  • Updateable worldwide terrain database
  • Up to 320 nm display capability
  • Capable of displaying terrain on displays implementing KCPB picture bus protocol or ARINC 453/708 interface (see sample list of compatible displays below)
  • Click Here to view an example of the KGP-560 terrain display
  • Available six-color terrain alerting and display output
Note: display option not required for Class B TAWS compliance
  • Built-in GPS sensor - preferred interface
  • Accepts GPS data from external sensor with RS-232/422 and ARINC 743/743A formats (see sample list of compatible sensors below)
  • GPS data is supplied via optional KA-91 or KA-92 GPS antenna (Optional antenna splitter also available - $360 list) - Honeywell P/N 050-03610-0003
  • Capable of monitoring altitude sources to provide caution messages in relation to altitude source error; KGP compares barometric altitude with GPS altitude to generate error message
  • Altitude monitoring option is highly recommended and does not require additional hardware as long as KGP is interfaced to compatibe barometric altitude source (see sample list of compatible sources below)
  • Supports interface to 500-ohm Outside Air Temperature (OAT) probe for aircraft operated in cold environments which can casue barometric altimeter errors
  • Optional OAT probe kit available ($900 list)- Honeywell P/N 050-03610-0002 or CIC P/N 05257 (recommended)
  • Aircraft equipped with Air Data computer that outputs digital data with static air temperature on ARINC 429 port can be used instead of encoder and external OAT probe
  • Can drive up to 7 lamps and accepts input from four switches for annunciator / terrain switching considerations
  • Several annunciator/switching options available from various vendors such as Mid-Continent MD41-1208/1308, West Coast Specialties 90-44802-1, Eaton 582 or Honeywell Kit P/N 050-03610-0000 and -0001
Note: Terrain caution and warning lamps should be located in pilot's primary visual field of view
  • Advanced Runway Field Clearance Floor (RFCF) feature provides 360 degree coverage of terrain and obstacles within 5 nm of public runways of more than 2000 ft.
  • Exclusive "peaks" mode displays terrain below the aircraft
  • Easy to install weighing less than 1.5 pounds
  • Typical system consists of KGP-560 EGPWS computer, database card (Americas, Atlantic, or Pacific), configuration module, and installation kits
  • Configuration module provides mean to store aircraft specific information such as aircraft configuration, GPS source, audio levels, etc. (note: mounts on mating connector)
  • Click Here to view the Installation Manual (note: large file)
  • Click Here to view the Pilots Guide (note: large file)
(COMPATIBLE TERRAIN DISPLAYS) - Avidyne EX500 MFD - Collins WXR-220, WXR-270, WXR-300 (when used with Avtech DSU) - Honeywell EFIS-40/50 - Honeywell GNS-XLS FMS (P/N 17960-0203-XXXX only) - Honeywell IN-182A, IN-812A, IN-842A, IN-862A, RDR-4A, RDR-4B Radar Indicators - Honeywell KMD-550 and KMD-850 MFD (with KAC-502 module) - Honeywell Primus 90 / 200 / 300 / 400SL / 400 Std / 440 / 500 / 650 / 660 / 700 / 800 / 880 (when used with Avtech DSU) - Honeywell TRA-45A Terrain Display (COMPATIBLE GPS SENSORS) GNS-XLS, Universal UNS-1C/1D/1K/1M FMS KLN-94, KLN-900 GPS, NOT compatible with KLN-90B GPS GNS-430 and GNS-530 GPS/NAV/COMM (Compatible Barometric Altitude Sources) KEA-130A and KEA-346 Encoding Altimeters 8130B Aero-Mechanism Encoding Altimeter AR850 Narco and SSD120 Trans-Cal Encoders (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ABOVE LISTS OF COMPATIBLE AVIONICS UNITS IS NOT COMPREHENSIVE AND FINAL. IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THERE ARE OTHER UNITS NOT INCLUDED ON THESE LISTS THAT MAY BE COMPATIBLE SHOULD THESE OTHER UNITS CONTAIN THE PROPER SPECS AND PARAMETERS FOR CORRECT INTERFACING.)



Temperature Range: -40 to 55C Altitude: 55000 ft.
Weight: 1.5 lbs. Dimensions: 2.2"W x 4.15"H x 6.25"D
Power Input: 10-32 VDC Outputs: Display annunciators, aural warnings
Part Number: description:
066-01196-0101 EGPWS, Original production unit; No Longer Produced
066-01196-0203 EGPWS, Supersedes -0101, TSO C151a compliant
066-01196-0205 Supersedes -0203, TSO C151b and Class C compliant


- 965-1198-005 EGPWS Computer
Price Condition Status
- 965-1198-003 EGPWS
Price Condition Status

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Move the cover over the CompactFlash card, press the flash card ejector button within the unit, remove the old flash card, insert the new flash card, and replace the cover.
No, the KGP-560 EGPWS computer is surface/rigid mounted and does not require a mounting rack.
Many avionics systems require a configuration or setup process. This process is required to interface certain avionics systems to other systems in the aircraft that will be inputting or outputting information to and from these systems. Some examples of systems that require a configuration or setup process include:


In addition, most newer technology or solid state systems require configuration via computer interface of some type. A qualified avionics technician should always refer to the appropriate manufacturer's installation manual for complete information and instructions.
In April 2004, Honeywell announced on Installation Bulletin No. 507 that the Sandisk flash card used in the database card for the KGP-560 and KGP-860 was being replaced with a new flash card manufactured by Smart Modular Technologies.

These new database cards will only work with KGP-560 units with Mod or Service Bulletin 3 and KGP-860 units with Mod/B 1 incorporated. These Service Bulletins consist of replacing the Processor Card Board in the unit.

As Honeywell considers this a product improvement, the cost to incorporate these mods is approximately $2500 and must be performed at the factory.
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