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Part #: 066-3021-00

Model: KI-226





Part Number :


  • Internally lighted dual needle Radio Magnetic Indicator
  • Compass card can be slaved to any remote directional gyro system which will drive a standard synchro control transformer
  • Single needle pointer is connected to automatic VOR converter and will operate from any VOR receiver with ARINC VOR Video output to provide conventional RMI information
  • Double needle pointer is connected to an external ADF capable of driving a standard synchro resolver


Regulatory Compliance: Meets applicable portions of TSO C6c when used a repeater of the KPI-550/552/552/553 series HSI or the KCS-55 PNS. Weight: 2.0 lbs.
Temperature: -30 to +50C Altitude: -1000 to 40000 ft.
HDG Input:> Operates from any slaved magnetic compass with ARINC X,Y,Z outputs HDG Chopper Input: Operates from the same 26 VAC 400Hz supply that is used to drive the HDG transmitter in the slaved compass
VOR Video Input: 0.5 VRMS 0 deg. phase composite 30Hz variable and 9960Hz reference VOR signal (ARINC Std.) VOR video levels from 0.3 to 3.0 VRMS may be used ADF Input: Operates from any ADF receiver with ARINC H,C,X,Y,Z outputs. C and Z grounded internally
Size:> 3" ATI Modified with permanent mounting flange x 8.206" deep RFI: Per TSO C6c
Magnetic Effect: Per TSO C6c Compass Card Accuracy: Accurate to +-1 deg. of input heading
ADF accuracy: Accurate to +-1 deg. of input ILS Energize Input: Provides ground to disable VOR needle when VOR receiver is tuned to ILS frequency. ADF and compass card continue to operate
Part Number Radio Magnetic Indicator Description:
066-3021-00 see above details


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No, but the newer Bendix/King KI-229 provides all of the same features, interfaces and more compared to the KI-226. Originally manufactured in the 1970s, the KI-226 is obsolete, unavailable, and not supportable.