Part #: 066-04031-0111

Model: KLN-90A





Part Number :
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  • Panel mounted, long range, GPS based airborne navigation system with a database
  • Ability to show both navigation information and a moving map simultaneously
  • Jeppesen database
  • 3-inch high resolution CRT display
  • Moving Map shows aircraft position relative to surrounding database items
  • Database includes airports, navaids, intersections, frequencies, special-use airspace, and airport services.
  • Uses concentric knob controls, providing the ability to store up to 26 flight plans with 30 waypoints each 
  • Can be interfaced with an HSI, CDI, Autopilot, and external Moving Maps.
  • Position information can be displayed on the unit CRT or EFIS, also a Radar Graphics Unit 



Dimensions: 6.312" in W x 2.00" in H x 12.55" L Weight: 6.30 lbs.
Temperature Range: -40°C to +70°C cooling requirements: 4 CFM (cubic feet per minute) , blower motor
Altitude: Up to 50,000 ft. 28 vdc lighting: 286 mA max
mounting: Panel mounted  5 vdc lighting: 1.0 A max
14 vdc lighting: 572 mA max 5 vac lighting: 1.0 A max (400Hz rms)
ifr enable / vfr enable: Open= IFR Operation (Normal Operation), GND= VFR Only Operation tAKE HOME: Open = Normal Operation, GND = Take Home Mode
POWER INPUTS: 11 to 33 VDC at 2.5 A max (-20°C to +70° C) 12 to 33 VDC at 2.5 A max (-40°C to +70°C) 13.75 VDC 2.0 A Nominal, 27.5 VDC 1.0 A Nominal    




Part Number: Description:
066-04031-0111 14/28V Lamps, Black bezel
066-04031-0211 5V Lamps, Black Bezel
066-04031-0311 14/28V Lamps, Gray bezel
066-04031-0411 5V Lamps, Gray bezel


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Click here to view a document containing the different database coverage areas.

In most cases, Honeywell offers two options for GPS database updates: - Card/cartridge replacement - Computer download

Users can order a subscription and have a database card/cartridge delivered to a given address every 28 days. If an update is not required as frequently, users can simply order a database card or cartridge direct from Honeywell Wingman Services. Click Hereto go to the Wingman website.

The GPS database Internet download option is available for most receivers. The update is downloaded to a laptop computer. The laptop is then interfaced to the GPS inside the aircraft via the PC interface kit (P/N 050-03213-0000). Certain GPS receiver software as well as laptop performance requirements must be met in order to properly utilize Internet downloading and the computer interface. Please view the following document for complete instructions on computer updating. GPS_download.pdf

Please Note: The KLN-35A and KLX-135A GPS units can only be updated via computer as they do not have externally accessible databases.

No. Although they are similar in appearance and function, the KLN-90, KLN-90A, and KLN-90B are not direct replacements for the KLN-88. The KLN-90 series receivers use a different mounting rack, antenna, and larger connector.

While they are not direct replacements, the KLN-90 series GPS systems are the ideal replacement system for the KLN-88. Both the KLN-88 and KLN-90 series units operate through a unique knob functionality.

Negotiating the exchange price of a unit only limits the allowable repair cap for the core unit. Southeast Aerospace's exchange transactions are based on the return of economically repairable core unit. Once the core is received and evaluated, the core repair cost incurred by SEA cannot exceed 75% of the original exchange price. That is, it cannot cost SEA more than 75% of the original OH/SV exchange price collected from the customer. Therefore, when and if an SEA exchange price is discounted, there is a risk that additional charges may be assessed once the core is returned and evaluated.

Yes, this is a total "plug and play" upgrade. The KLN-90B uses the same rack and has the same connector pin-outs as the KLN-90A. The database cartridge style is also the same. The KLN-90B has several upgraded features including certified IFR approach capability, digital OBS and an internal back-up battery pack for continuous operation in the event of aircraft power spikes.