Part #: 066-1055-03

Model: KMA-24




Audio/Marker Panel

Part Number :
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  • Compact, fully solid-state unit containing pushbutton audio selector panel, speaker and headphone isoaltion amplifiers, and a marker beacon receiver
  • Styled to match with the other King Silver Crown units but can be integrated into any 500 ohm output audio system
  • Can handle as many three transceivers and six receivers
  • Models with different features and combinations of marker light presentation, AUTO, 2 COMMs, 2 NAVs, DME, ADF, HF, TEL selections (see table below)
  • Has two unswitched inputs for use as altimeter warning and telephone ringer
  • Has outputs for ramp hailer and passenger address or intercom
  • Seperate isolation amplifiers are provided for headphones and speaker to provide isolation even when the same source is selected
  • Three isolated 16 ohm resistors provided for transceiver speaker output loads
  • Automatic dimmimg for marker beacon lights
  • 14V or 28VDC operation
  • TSO'd
Size: 6.25"W x 1.3"H x 6.81"L Weight: 1.7 lbs.
Design: All solid state Frequency (marker): Crystal-controlled at 75MHz
TSO Compliance (marker): TSO C35d, Class A, Env. Cat. /A1D1/A/PKS/XXXXXXZBAAA TSO Compliance (audio amp): TSO C50b, Env. Cat. /A1D1/A/PKS/XXXXXXZBAAA
Applicable Documents: RTCA DO-143, DO-78A, DO-160 Duty Cycle: Continuous
Temperature Range: -20 to +55C Sensitivity (marker): LO 1000uv hard, HI 200uv hard
Selectivity (marker): 6db at +-10KHz min, 40db at +-200KHz max Input Impedance (marker): 50 ohm
Output (marker): Capable of 4 milliwatts into isolation amplifier input of 500 ohms Ext Lamp Output (marker): 125mA max each bulb
Input Impedance (iso amp): 500 ohms Input Isolation (iso amp): 40dB between inputs
Input Muting (iso amp): At least 55dB when mic is keyed Headphone Output: 50 milliwatts into 500 ohm load
Distortion: Less than 5% at rated output Frequency Response: Within 6dB from 350Hz to 6000Hz
Part NumberAudio Panel/Marker Receiver Description
066-1055-00 Selections for: HF/COM1/COM2/NAV1/NAV2/DME/MKR/ADF1/ADF2
066-1055-01 Selections for: TEL/COM1/COM2/NAV1/NAV2/DME/MKR/ADF1/ADF2
066-1055-02 Selections for: HF/COM1/COM2/NAV1/NAV2/DME/MKR/ADF/AUTO
066-1055-03 Selections for: TEL/COM1/COM2/NAV1/NAV2/DME/MKR/ADF/AUTO


- Audio/Marker Panel
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- Audio/Marker Panel
Price Condition Status
- Audio/Marker Panel
Price Condition Status
- Audio/Marker Panel
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In relation to SV & OH parts, the used parts aftermarket in the aviation industry is not an infinite supply. It is a dynamic, constantly changing market that is significantly affected by and susceptible to highs and lows in supply and demand. Therefore, although we attempt to, at times, we are unable to predict the exact moment when an item may be available. Once again, through the REQUEST or RFQ indication on our website, we ask that customers contact us for the most current and accurate price and availability.

None, they represent the same unit. Original King Radio part numbers were 9 digits. For example, 066-3056-01. During the Bendix and King merger (i.e. Bendix/King), a new part numbering system was created that converted these 9 digit part numbers to 12 digits. Therefore, 066-3056-01 became 066-03056-0001. Despite this numbering change, units that were originally from the King Radio design still have the 9 digit part number format on the unit dataplate. The 12 digit format for King units appears to be used for catalog and internal Honeywell purposes only. Therefore, any unit that has a zero in its third to last number (i.e. XXX-XXXX-X0XX) has a 9 digit part number (i.e. XXX-XXXX-XXX) on its dataplate / ID Plate.
In January 1989 Bendix/King changed from a nine digit to a twelve digit part numbering system. The new, larger 12 digit numbers allowed for the inclusion of software version into the last two digits of the part number for certain units in which software changed frequently such as EFIS and TCAS processors. Therefore, the two digits immediately preceding the software version indicate the hardware version of the unit.

Different software versions imply different operational features and/or interface capabilities and software modifications imply software repairs (bug fixes) to insure proper operation of these features and interfaces. Software version upgrades frequently require hardware modifications to the unit. Such hardware modifications accompanying software version upgrades do not necessarily change the hardware version of the unit.
Until the used market completely dries up, you can still find someone who will sell you a KMA-20. The KMA-20 may have been a cost effective, reliable unit at one time but unfortunately its time has passed. Most older avionics units have become increasingly challenging to repair as the manufacturers discontinue support and cut off the supply of service parts. Likewise, even if you can find a KMA-20 in working condition, it usually has little or no warranty. Instead of continuing to invest your money in obsolete technology and delaying the inevitable, Southeast Aerospace suggests upgrading to the KMA-24. Investing in the KMA-24 will provide you with an audio panel that includes warranty and support for many years to come.

Negotiating the exchange price of a unit only limits the allowable repair cap for the core unit. Southeast Aerospace's exchange transactions are based on the return of economically repairable core unit. Once the core is received and evaluated, the core repair cost incurred by SEA cannot exceed 75% of the original exchange price. That is, it cannot cost SEA more than 75% of the original OH/SV exchange price collected from the customer. Therefore, when and if an SEA exchange price is discounted, there is a risk that additional charges may be assessed once the core is returned and evaluated.

The part number for the terminal contact pin that is used on most Silver Crown units is 030-01107-0000. Previously, Honeywell (Bendix/King) offered them in preset amounts based on the unit that were being used with (ex. 030-01107-0064 for the KX-155). Currently, you simply purchase the amount of -0000 pins required.

As of 2010, the List Price for each contact pin is $5.98. Therefore, in most cases, it is less expensive to buy the entire unit installation kit.

4 volume adjustments are available through the top cover of the KMA-24. These adjustments include the following:
  • Marker audio output volume
  • Cabin speaker volume
  • Headphone volume
  • Internal and external speaker and intercom volume