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Part #: 89000019-010-0000

Model: KMC-231




Mode Controller/Annunciator

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  • Mates with KC-230 Flight Computer
  • Provides AP/FD selection, visual & aural annunciations
  • Backlit LED touchscreen
  • Displays altitude target, course, course deviation, and soft-buttons to control lateral and vertical modes
  • Includes soft-buttons to engage and disengage autopilot, yaw damper, and flight director
  • Other soft-buttons include Vertical speed (VS), altitude (ALT), heading (HDG), navigation (NAV), and approach (APR)
  • Features a nose “UP” and nose “DOWN” button to control aircrafy pitch altitude
  • Backlit dual-concentric knob to control altitude preselect target



dIMENSIONS: 1.93 inches x 6.30 inches x 1.56 inches (Lx W x H) (49 mm x 160 mm x 40 mm) Mounting: Horizontally
weight: Max 0.74 LBS. (0.34 kg) current draw: The KMC-231 is powered from KC 230. The KMC 231 current draw is included with the KC 230
oPERATING VOLTAGE: Operating Voltage is provided by the KC 230 CIRCUIT bREAKER: The KMC 231 is powered from KC 230. The circuit breaker defined under the kc 230 Specification is sufficient.
cooling: Convection cooled (does not require forced air cooling within the unit operational temperature range software: RTCA/DO-178 Level C
HARDWARE: DO 160G Compliance connectors: DB-26
VIEWING ANGLE ENVELOPE: ±50° Horizontal; 0° TO 35° vertical certification: TSO-C198 Class A1, B, C
Part Number: Description:
89000019-010-00 Mode Controller/Annunciator


Serial # 1910PL6320
Condition NEW
Mods -
Tag Date 06/19/20
Shop Honeywell International Inc.
Warranty 1 Year
Serial # 1910PL6327
Condition NEW
Mods -
Tag Date 06/19/20
Shop Honeywell International Inc.
Warranty 1 Year
- Mode Controller
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