Part #: 065-0017-01

Model: KMC-340




Autopilot Mode Controller

Part Number :
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  • Mode Controller
  • Normally pedestal-mounted
  • Serves as the control unit for both Flight Director & Autopilot in KFC-300 Flight Control System
  • Contains switches and controls necessary to engage the Flight Director & Autopilot, select the mode of operation and to generate command signals to the pitch and heading axes of the flight control system
  • Flight Director mode selection is provided by the seven push button switches
  • Autopilot & Yaw Damper modes are engaged with the solenoid-held, toggle switches located on the right side
  • Mode engages are annunciated on the KAP-315 annunciator panel
  • Autopilot may be engaged only after the Flight Director has been activated
  • Contains failure annunciators for each of the three servos and each of the three Air Data Computer modes
Size: 5.75" x 2.25" x 6.40" nominal including connector weight: 1.6 lbs
mounting: 4 DZUS Fasteners into DZUS rails mating connector: MS3116F20-41-SW
TSO Compliance: TSO C52a & TSO C9c DO-138 Env Categories: GAJAAAXXXXXX
power inputs: 28VDC with 1 amp max current
±15VDC with .25 amp max current
Lighting: 28VDC at .4 amp or 5V at 1.5 amp
SIgnal inputs: The servo failure annunciators shall light when their inputs are grounded.
The air data annunciators shall light when their inputs are not grounded.
signal outputs: Seven momentary switch contacts to 28VDC for flight director mode engagement.
Solenoid held switch contacts for Autopilot & Yaw Damper engagement.
Part Number controller Description:
065-0017-00 Mach Hold, 28VDC Lighting, Black
065-0017-01 Speed Profile, 28VDC Lighting, Black
065-0017-02 Mach Hold, 5VAC Lighting, Black
065-0017-03 Speed Profile, 5VAC Lighting, Gray
065-0017-04 Mach Hold, 5VAC Lighting, Gray
065-0017-05 Mach Hold, 28VDC Lighting, Gray
065-0017-06 Speed Profile, 28VDC Lighting, Gray
065-0017-07 Speed Profile, 5VAC Lighting, Black


- Autopilot Mode Controller
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