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  • 3-inch Multifunction Display System
  • Combines display for GPS moving map, traffic, data link and terrain with compatible sensors
  • Incorporates detailed topography database displaying relative or absolute terrain (terrain relative to aircraft or terrain based on position above/below sea level)
  • Cartographic database contains towers (US only), rivers, roads, airports, VORs, NDBs, intersections, airways, SUAs, cities, railroads, lake names, and runway diagrams
  • Accepts and displays lightning from optional WX-500 Stormscope
  • Accepts and displays data link weather from optional KDR-510 Mode 2 Data Link Receiver
  • Accepts and displays traffic information from optional TAS or TCAS Systems
  • Provides Traffic Information Services (TIS) via interface to optional KT-73 Mode S Transponder (Note: TIS displays transponder-equipped aircraft within 3000 ft. +/- of aircraft within 7.5 nm range)
  • Joystick/knob lets user point, scroll, and move easily through pages and selections
  • Quick tune features loads frequencies from KX-155A or KX-165A radios
  • Optional VFR GPS can serve as backup for external GPS with auto switch-over if external GPS fails

  • PLEASE NOTE: Compatible avionics listed are available at additional cost, not included

COMPATIBLE SENSORS Weather (Lightning): Goodrich WX-500 Stormscope Goodrich WX-1000E Stormscope (see above note) Traffic: Ryan 9900BX TCAD KTA-870 KMH-880 KT-73 (Forthcoming) TCAS I TCAS II Position: KLN-89B KLN-90B KLN-900 KLN-94 Datalink: KDR-510


Width: 6.25" (15.8 cm) Height: 3" (7.62 cm)
Depth: 7.5" (19 cm) Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Screen Size: 3.8 diagonal Display Type: Active Matrix Liquid Crystal (AMLCD)
Certification: FAA TSO C113 Environmental: DO160D


Part Number: Description:
066-04036-0101 MFD w/o GPS
066-04036-0201 MFD w/o GPS


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