Part #: 066-01175-2102

Model: KMH-820




Multi-Hazard Awareness Unit

Part Number :




  • Provides both TAS Traffic Awareness and EGPWS (Terrain) capability in a single unit (KMH-820)
  • Compatible for display on most modern multifunction displays (MFD)
  • Typical system consists of KMH-820 processor unit, (2) KA-815 directional antennas, configuration module, and installation kits
  • Uses KA-815 Top and bottom mounted (dual) directional antenna system (Note: See FAQ for antenna installation restrictions)
  • Dual antenna system provides estimated bearing to aircraft
  • Configuration module provides mean to store aircraft specific information such as aircraft configuration, GPS source, audio levels, etc.
  • Specifically designed for light turbine and piston aircraft
  • Radio Altimeter, landing gear or flap discretes or glideslope receiver inputs not required decreasing installation time
  • EGPWS portion of system is Class B TSO C151a compliant
  • TAS portion provides surveillance of transponder equipped aircraft within 10 nautical miles and/or +-10000 feet of altitude
  • KAC-502 traffic and KAC-504 EGPWS module required for use with Bendix/King KMD-550 and KMD-850 MFDs
  • System will interface to IVA-81D TCAS indicators and IN-182A radar indicators
  • Other displays with ARINC 735A may be used to display traffic with system



Width: 4.5" Height: 7.0"
Length: 13.8 Weight: 9.68 lbs.
Input Power: 22-30VDC Temperature: -20 to +70C
Power Input: 10-33 VDC (20W)    
part number: description:
066-01175-2101 Multi-Hazard Awareness Sensor Unit
066-01175-2102 • Adds the real-time clock • Reduces time that the EGPWS allows the GPS to operate in     Dead-Reckoning Mode from 60 seconds to 30 seconds • Adds text TDB432N to Level 1 Terrain Display self-test pattern • Adds Cat. 6 Audio Menu ID 2 for JAA installations where Terrain Ahead or Obstacle Ahead voices are required for certification


- Multi-Hazard Awareness Unit
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Many avionics systems require a configuration or setup process. This process is required to interface certain avionics systems to other systems in the aircraft that will be inputting or outputting information to and from these systems. Some examples of systems that require a configuration or setup process include:


In addition, most newer technology or solid state systems require configuration via computer interface of some type. A qualified avionics technician should always refer to the appropriate manufacturer's installation manual for complete information and instructions.
No, neither of the traffic systems in the KMH-880 TAS or KMH-980 TCAS I are upgradable for TCAS II. Please refer to the appropriate STC for the TCAS II system applies to your aircraft.

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