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Part #: 066-4007-03

Model: KNR-633




VOR Converter

Part Number :

  • Similar to KNR-630 but does not include Nav & Glideslope receivers
  • Manual VOR converter used for RMI processing only
  • King compatible RMI outputs
  • Created to interface the KX-175 nav/comm with the KNI-581 RMI
  • 28VDC
Size: 2.675"W x 5.0"H x 11.250"L Weight: 2.88 LBS.
TSO Compliance: Environmental: (A11) RTCA DO-138 (VOR) FAA TSO C40a, RTCA DO-114 (LOC) FAA TSO C36c, RTCA DO-131 (GS) FAA TSO C34c, RTCA DO-132 Altitude: To 45,000 feet
Part NumberNavigation Receiver Description:
066-4007-03 VOR converter, RMI outputs
NOTE : Same base part number used for KNR-630/631/632/633 units


Serial # 1623
Condition SV
Mods 1-4
Tag Date 07/24/23
Shop Southeast Aerospace Inc.
Warranty 6 Months
- VOR Converter
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