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Model: KS-270C

BendixKing - Pitch Servo
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  • Trim Servo used to provide AFCS control of the elevators
  • Contains a servo motor with amplifier and an engage clutch, as well as a torque sensor for trim command generation
  • Outputs a dual-channel trim sense signal with a scale factor of 100mV/in-lb, with a positive differential voltage representing CW torque 
  • Maximum sensed torque is at least 20 in-lb in each direction
  • Also contains a tach feedback signal to provide servo motion sensing
  • Outputs a differential signal with a scale factor of approximately 5.3V for full servo speed
  • Is installed with a KM 275 servo mount, which contains a slip clutch for pilot override
  • The servo receives a differential command input and drives the servo motor with a speed proportional to the magnitued of the command
  • The command polarity will determine direction of the servo rotation
  • The command inputs have an impedance of at least 15K ohms
  • The interface is designed such that an open command signal will not cause a servo drive of more than 25% of full-scale speed
  • Contains a validity circuit which compares the motor voltage against the servo command
  • The actuator outputs a open/ground discrete signal, where ground represents a valid servo
  • If the comparison fails, the servo outputs an invalid signal to the FCC
Size: 3.925"W x 4.675"H x 4.605"L Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Mounting: Two (2) AN 3 bolts Mating Connector: 030-03248-0000
Power Inputs: +28VDC at 4.0 amps Signal Inputs: -10VDC to +10VDC
Clutch Engage Signals: +28VDC (active high input) and Ground (active low input) Signal Outputs: Trim Voltage: -28VDC to +28VDC Trim Sense: -3VDC to +3VDC
Part NumberTrim Servo Description:
065-00178-0100 3.6 RPM
065-00178-0200 2.4 RPM
065-00178-0300 4.7 RPM
065-00178-2100 3.6 RPM
065-00178-2200  2.4 RPM
065-00178-2300  4.7 RPM
065-00178-2400  1.2 RPM
065-00178-2500  1.9 RPM


- Pitch Servo

NSN: 6615-01-597-7831

Price Condition Delivery
$4,650.00 NEW OUTRIGHT

SEA Repair Capabilities: Yes

- Pitch Servo
Price Condition Delivery
$4,850.00 NEW OUTRIGHT

SEA Repair Capabilities: Yes

- Pitch Servo
Price Condition Delivery

SEA Repair Capabilities: Yes

- Pitch Servo
Price Condition Delivery
$4,980.00 NEW OUTRIGHT

SEA Repair Capabilities: Yes

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No, because an autopilot system is installed under an aircraft STC or TC approval, whatever part number servo that is certified in that aircraft must be installed.  In addition, servos usually have different motor speeds for different part numbers. Therefore, not installing the same part number servo in the aircraft could produce an unsafe operating condition.  

Please note that this is not in reference to some servo manufacturers superseding older legacy servos with newer models.  That is addressed in another FAQ.

Southeast Aerospace exchanges are based on the return of an undamaged, economically repairable core unit with identical part number as the unit shipped to the customer. An "economically repairable" core is defined as one where the cost to repair/overhaul (or Repair Cap) does not exceed 80% of the original SV/OH exchange price billed. Should the Repair Cap exceed 80%, the customer will be billed the additional amount. In the event this amount exceeds the Outright Price for the unit, the customer would only be billed the difference between the Outright Price and SV/OH Exchange Price with the core returned as-is to the customer.

Here is an example of such a transaction:

$1000 Exchange Price charged to customer
$1000 x .8 = $800 Maximum Allowable core repair charge or Repair Cap

$2000 Cost to repair core unit
- $800 Less Core repair cap
$1200 Additional billing amount.

2200.00 Total Cost of transaction

Please Note:
SEA offers exchange on new items as well. However, repair cap as indicated above is still based on SV/OH exchange price.

Negotiating the exchange price of a unit only limits the allowable repair cap for the core unit. Southeast Aerospace's exchange transactions are based on the return of economically repairable core unit. Once the core is received and evaluated, the core repair cost incurred by SEA cannot exceed 80% of the original exchange price. That is, it cannot cost SEA more than 80% of the original OH/SV exchange price collected from the customer. Therefore, when and if an SEA exchange price is discounted, there is a risk that additional charges may be assessed once the core is returned and evaluated.

For more information, please refer to these other Exchange FAQs