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Part #: 065-0155-56

Model: KSA-372T




Servo Actuator

Part Number :

Part Number: Description:
065-0056-56 Servo Actuator 


- Servo Actuator
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In relation to SV & OH parts, the used parts aftermarket in the aviation industry is not an infinite supply. It is a dynamic, constantly changing market that is significantly affected by and susceptible to highs and lows in supply and demand. Therefore, although we attempt to, at times, we are unable to predict the exact moment when an item may be available. Once again, through the REQUEST or RFQ indication on our website, we ask that customers contact us for the most current and accurate price and availability.

No, because an autopilot system is installed under an aircraft STC or TC approval, whatever part number servo that is certified in that aircraft must be installed.  In addition, servos usually have different motor speeds for different part numbers. Therefore, not installing the same part number servo in the aircraft could produce an unsafe operating condition.  

Please note that this is not in reference to some servo manufacturers superseding older legacy servos with newer models.  That is addressed in another FAQ.