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Mode S/ADS-B Transponder

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  • Now FAA TSO C166b
  • Meets ADS-B 2020 requirements (when connected to a compatible GPS source)*
  • Slide-in replacement for the popular BendixKing KT 76A/C and KT 78A transponders (See KT-74 FAQ)
  • Provides a simple and economical upgrade path for ADS-B*
  • Push button operation
  • New sleek design
  • Most affordable Mode S Transponder with ADS-B Out*
  • Low power consumption
  • Stopwatch and timer
  • Altitude monitor
  • Built-in altitude repeater instead of a second altitude encoder
  • TIS-A Traffic output
  • Trig Avionics manufacturers and holds the TSO for the KT-74
    • Both Trig and Bendix King PNs are on the unit
    • Must be ordered from Bendix King 
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Size: 6.30"W x 1.7"H x 10.7"L Weight: 2.98 lbs.
TSO: C112D, C166B and ETSO C112C, C166B Temperature: -20 to +70C
typical current consumption (at 14V): Idle: 0.22 A, Active: 0.45 A nominal transmitter power: 240 W at connector
Type: Class 1 Mode S Level 2 els Voltage: 11-33 V DC
Compliance: DO-160G, DO-181E, DO-260B Class B1S, DO-178B Level B, DO-254 Level C Cooling: No fan required


Part Number: Description:
89000007-000001 Unit only (Trig PN: 01157-00-01)
89000007-002001 Includes Install Kit (Trig PN: 01158-00-01) 
89000007-000001 Unit only (Trig PN: 01157-00-01)
89000007-002002 Citation Jet CNI-5000 Version


- Mode S/ADS-B Transponder
Price Condition Status
- 01157-00-02 ADS-B Transponder (Gray, CNI-5000)
Price Condition Status

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The KT-74 is a direct replacement only if ADS-B is not being utilized. The KT-74 is designed to fit into an existing KT-76A/C & KT-78A tray. However to utilize the ADS-B feature of the KT-74, a secondary connector and new tray will need to be installed.

The KT-74 has two Molex edge connectors. The primary connector can use the same contact positions and are electrically compatible with the KT-76A & KT-78A (if properly wired). A secondary connector would need to be installed to utilize ADS-B functions, resulting in a necessary second hole in the rack to accommodate the connector.

Honeywell has obtained STC# SA00765DE for the installation of the KT-74 for ADS-B Out functionality in a multitude of aircraft.  There is an Approved Model List that accompanies the STC.  Please see Resources for copies of the STC.

The KLN-94 is not a WAAS GPS, nor is it upgradeable to one. We recommend the KT-74, but if you decide to upgrade to a GPS400W or GNS430W, then you would want to go with a GTX-330.

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