Part #: 064-1009-00

Model: KTR-905




VHF Comm

Part Number :

  • Designed to provide 2 way voice communications within the frequency range of 118.000MHz to 135.975 in 25KHz increments
  • Designed to be directly interchangeable with the KTR-900/900A transceivers (version dependent - see table below)
  • Typically used with KFS-590B frequency selector
  • Models w/ parallel BCD input of the serial BCD input and/or parallel 2x5 input (see table below)
  • Models available with different receiver selectivity for use in Europe (see table below)
Size: 2.25"W x 5.00"H x 11.77"L Weight: 4.0 lbs.
TSO Compliance: C37b, Class I and C38b; Env. Cat. AANAAAXXXXXX Applicable Documents: RTCA DO-109, DO-110, DO-138
Frequency Range: 118.000MHz to 135.975MHz in 25Khz increments Frequency Stability: +0.0015% over normal operating temp.
Temperature: -54C to +55C Duty Cycle: 4 to 1
Design: All solid state, printed circuit board and point to point wiring Altitude: Up to 55,000 ft.
Transmitter Power: 20 watts minimum Transmitter Modualtion: 85% modulation capability with 90% limiting provided
Harmonic Content: Greater than 60dB down from carrier level Transmitter Spurious Output: Greater than 70dB down from carrier level
Recevier Sensitivity: 3uV (hard) or less for 6dB signal plus noise-to-noise with 1000Hz tone modulated 30% Squelch: Automatic with manual disable and carrier squelch override
Part Number VHF Communications Transceiver Description
064-1009-00 Standard version, can be used with KFS-590B control
064-1009-01 "E" version (European) of -00 unit with wider receiver selectivity
064-1009-02 Interchangeable with KTR-900/900A, can use KFS-590/590A controls
064-1009-03 "E" version (European) of -02 unit with wider receiver selectivity


- VHF Comm
Price Condition Status
- VHF Comm
Price Condition Status

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Yes, but only if it P/N 064-1009-02 or -03. The harness/connector on the -02/03 KTR-905 is the same but it is physically different than the KTR-900A. The KTR-905 is smaller than the KTR-900A. Therefore, a new rack needs to be installed for the KTR-905 replacement. In addition, the KTR-900A and KTR-905 -02/03 must be used with the KFS-590A control. The KTR-905 -00 and -01 must be used with the KFS-590B as it requires parallel BCD tuning.
No. Bendix/King did not produce a version of the KTR-905 with 760 channels or any sort of extended range. From original manufacturing and per the maintenance manual, the unit is only capable of tuning 720 channels. Likewise, there is no service bulletin released by Bendix/King to upgrade this unit to be capable of tuning more than 720 channels.
No. Bendix/King did not produce a repalcement unit that is capable 8.33 Khz channel spacing. You must install a different radio with this capability.
As part of our promise to provide the most honest, quality service to our customers, Southeast Aerospace adheres to strict guidelines for certification according to the FAA and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). While most avionics components do not include a prescribed overhaul procedure in the Maintenance Manual, the FAA has set forth guidelines for the cleaning and inspecting of components as referenced in FAR Part 43.2. Therefore, if a component cannot meet the standards of this Federal Air Regulation in relation to inspection criteria and cleaning potential then it should not be deemed as Overhauled. Southeast Aerospace does not believe in simply providing words on a tag or maintenance release to represent the condition of a component. SEA stands behind the work and service followed through with each and every FAA 8130-3 maintenance release it provides.
Most of the King (now Honeywell) Gold Crown components were originally manufactured in the early to mid 1970s. King then Bendix/King now Honeywell discontinued production these components many years ago replacing them with the Bendix/King Gold Crown III product line.

Most of the original Gold Crown products incorporate 1960s and 70s analog technology. As a result, most service parts needed to maintain and repair original King Gold Crown components are no longer available. Therefore, you will experience limited to no warranty available and unreliability for all of the original Gold Crown units.

Southeast Aerospace offers many affordable, upgradeable options for aircraft with original Gold Crown avionics. As avionics integration specialists and premier Honeywell Bendix/King dealer, Southeast Aerospace is experienced and knowledgeable on all Gold Crown generations.

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