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Part #: 069-01028-1101

Model: KX-125




LCD Navigation/Communications Transceiver

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  • Panel mounted Communication Transceiver/ Navigation Receiver with Liquid Crystal Display
  • 760 communications channels from 118.000-136.975MHz in 25kHz increments
  • 200 navigation channels from 108.000-117.95MHz in 50kHz increments
  • VOR/LOC signal converter
  • Provides DME channeling (Bendix/King serial)
  • Provides Glideslope channeling (Bendix/King 4 x 5 code)
  • Provides VOR/LOC Composite Output
  • Built-In LCD Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) with TO/FROM Annunciation
  • Simultaneous digital LCD display of active and standby NAV and COMM frequencies
  • Push button frequency flip-flop
  • Radial and Bearing Display
  • COMM Mic Hang-up protection
  • Remote Transfer of use and standby frequencies
  • 14 volt operation only
  • Can be operated on 28V with KA-39 voltage converter
  • 5 watts power output
  • TSO'd



Size: 6.352"W x 2.052"H x 10.380"L Weight: 3.88 lbs.
Applicable Documents (NAV LOC Converter): TSO C36e, RTCA DO-160B, RTCA DO-178A, RTCA DO-195 Applicable Documents (COMM Transmitter): TSO C37c, RTCA DO-160B, RTCA DO-186
Applicable Documents (COMM Receiver): TSO C38c, RTCA DO-160B, RTCA DO-186 Applicable Documents (NAV VOR): TSO C40c, RTCA DO-160B, RTCA-178A, RTCA DO-196
Temperature Range: -20 to +55C Altitude Range: Up to 50,000 ft.
Power Output: 5 watts minimum Frequency Tolerance: Within 0.002% of assigned channel frequency
Modulation: 70% modulation capability with 98% limiting. Less than 15% distortion at 70% modulation Sidetone Output: Adjustable up to 100 mW into 500ohm headphones
Harmonic Content: Greater than 60 dB down from carrier Duty Cycle: 10% (0.5 minute on, 4.5 minutes off)
COMM Receiver Sensitivity: Two uv (hard) or less for 6 dB (S+N)/N with 1 kHz tone modulated 30% Squelch: Automatic with manual disable
Frequency Tolerance (NAV): +-0.002% of assigned channel frequency and still meets bearing accuracy VOR/LOC Sensitivity Falg sensitivity 2 uv (hard) or less on all channels
Receiver Selectivity (NAV): 6dB at 34.0kHz minimum; 60dB at 63.0kHz maximum VOR Course Accuracy Two sigma limit 3 deg. as specified in RTCA DO-196
LOC Centering Error: Two sigma limit +-9.9 uA as specified in RTCA DO-195 Audio Output (NAV) 100 mW into 500ohm minimum a 1 kHz tone modulated 30%
Audio Response (NAV): Less than 6 dB variation from 350-2500Hz DME Channeling: Serial DME channeling provided for KN-62/62A/63/64. Slip code and 2x5 DME channeling avialable using a KA-120 adapter
GS Channeling: Bendix/King 4x5 code provided for KN-73/75, KI-211/212/213/214, other GS channeling available using a KA-120 adapter VOR/LOC Composite Output Adustable 0.35Vrms LOC, 0.5Vrms VOR zero degree phased
Part Number: Description:
069-01028-0101 14V input, 14/28VDC panel lighting, 25 Khz selectivity, Silver Trim on faceplate
069-01028-0201 14V input, 14/28VDC panel lighting, 50 Khz selectivity, Silver Trim on faceplate
069-01028-1101 Same as -0101 but Crown Series version with solid black faceplate


- LCD Nav/Comm
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Yes. Southeast Aerospace recommends that Service bulletin 1 and 2 be complied with on the KA-120 when the adapter is being installed on a new installation.

Service Bulletin 1 corrects an impedance mismatch between the new generation KX-155 and KX-165 Nav/Comms that utilize surface mount technology. KA-120 with serial number 1845 and above have Service Bulletin 1 incorporated during original manufacturing. The cost to add SB 1 is approximately $200.

Service Bulletin 2 corrects a serial tuning bus incompatibility when interfacing the KA-120 with a KX-125 and with new generation KX-155 and KX-165 surface mount units (post Mod 16 units). KA-120 with serial number 2819 and above have Service Bulletin 2 incorporated during original manufacturing. Honeywell does offer warranty credit for any KA-120 S/N 2818 and below that requires this modification. An authorized Honeywell Service Center must perform the modification and submit the warranty claim.
According to Honeywell, all KX-125 Nav/Comms were produced with FM immunity in accordance with ICAO Annex 10.
Since the KX-125 has internal OBS Select, the cost effective KI-207 provides VOR/LOC/GS CDI deviation.
The LCD has some viewing angle limitations. In some mounting locations, sunlight glare and reflection may cause the display to be unreadable. The display is readable at angles up to 40 degrees to left or right, 30 degrees up and 10 degrees down. Careful considerations should be made before choosing the final panel mounting location.
Navigation (Nav) and Communication (Comm) radio receivers and transceivers are available as separate, individual radios or as a combined Nav/Comm unit.

A Nav/Comm unit is sometimes more economical in price than the 2 separate Nav and Comm radios and usually requires less panel space.

Obviously, one disadvantage to the combined Nav/Comm unit is in the case of unit failure you lose both nav and comm functions since the entire unit is removed.
KN-53 Nav:

KY-196A Comm:

KX-155 Nav/Comm: