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Part #: 066-01198-0102

Model: KXP-2290A




Mode S Apex Transponder

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  • Mode S Transponder capable of non-diversity or diversity operation
  • Designed to meet TSO-C112, ETSO-2C112a for a Class 2A ATCRBS/Mode Select (Mode S) Airborne Transponder System
  • Replies to ATCRBS Mode A and C, Intermode, and Mode S interrogations
  • Non-diversity or diversity operation capability
  • Meets European mandated Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance requirements
  • Complies with all worldwide mandates for ADS-B Out
  • Receives an eight-digit alphanumeric Flight ID code
  • Flight ID information entered via the APEX CP
  • Uses ARINC 735A/B TCAS interface protocol to interface with TCAS II
  • Receives and replies to short and long Air-to-Air surveillance and TCAS Coordination interrogations



DIMENSIONS: L X 9.38 inches (238.3 mm) x W 7.85 inches (199.39 mm) x H 2.20 inches (55.88 mm) WEIGHT: 5.11 lbs.
mounting: Blind-mount (Shares Rack with KMC 2210) CoOLING: No forced-Air Cooling Required
POWER INPUT: 18-32 Volts, 30 watts Tx POWER AND FREQUENCY: RF Peak Power at Antenna Terminals (with A 0.5 TO 2.0 dB cable loss) 27.0 dBW (500 watts) MAX 21.0 dBW (125 watts) MIN 21.8 dBW (150 watts) AT 1089 to 1091 MHz nominal
Part Number: Description:
066-01198-0102 Mode S Transponder with ADS-B Out


Serial # KXP2290A-M1738
Condition SV
Mods 10
Tag Date 12/29/20
Shop Honeywell International Inc.
Warranty 6 Months
- Mode S Apex Transponder
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