Part #: 064-01084-0101

Model: KY-196B






8.33 VHF Comm

Part Number :




  • Panel mounted VHF Communications Transceiver
  • Operates frequencies from 118.00 to 136.975 MHz with 8.33 kHz channel spacing
  • Flip-flop frequency switch to transfer between active and standby frequencies
  • Remote transfer capability of remote transfer of Use and Stanby frequencies and remote recall of channel frequency information
  • 9 programmable memory channels in addition to the two displayed frequencies
  • Audio leveling automatically amplifying weak audio signals and muting those which are too strong
  • Stuck microphone feature shuts down transmitter and flashes the display if mike is keyed for more than two minutes
  • "Program Secure" mode locks a specfic frequency into a specific channel number so program cannot be changed from panel
  • CNI5000 version (-202) available without faceplate; part of integrated, main faceplate assembly for aircraft such as Cessna Citation
  • 16 watts minimum power output
  • 28 volt operation only
  • FM immune compliant for ICAO Annex 10 (European use)
  • TSO'd



Size: 6.312"W x 1.35"H x 10.776"L Weight: 2.8 lbs.
TSO Compliance (Transmitter): TSO C37c, Class 3 TSO Compliance (Receiver): C38c, Class A
Power Output: 16 Watts min. Duty Cycle: 1 minute on, 4 minutes off
Temperature Range: -20 to +55C Frequency Range: 118.00 to 136.975MHz in 8.33KHz increments
Frequency Stability: 0.0015% from -20 to +55C Sidetone Output: Adjustable up to 100mW into 500 ohm headphones
Part Number: Description:
064-01084-0101 Basic Silver Crown unit, see details above
064-01084-0201 Exclusively for the CNI5000 radio package, without faceplate


Serial # 5080
Condition OH
Mods 1-5
Tag Date 06/11/24
Shop Southeast Aerospace Inc.
Warranty 6 Months
Serial # 5101
Condition OH
Mods 1-5
Tag Date 06/11/24
Shop Southeast Aerospace Inc.
Warranty 6 Months
- 8.33 VHF Comm

NSN: 5821-01-478-4283

Price Condition Status
- 8.33 VHF Comm (CNI5000)
Price Condition Status

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Yes but there are installation factors to consider. It is very enticing to overwhelmingly consider the Garmin GTR-225 radios over the BendixKing KY radios since the Garmin radios can be puchased at a fraction (50%+) of the cost of the BendixKing radios. We are referring to New radios not used/reconditioned. However, it should be noted that the Garmin radios are approximately .3 inches higher than the KY radios. The rear mount cutout height for the KY radios is 1.30"; front mount is 1.35". The Garmin GTR cutout is 1.65" for rear mount and 1.77" for front mount.

The CNI5000 is a system primarily used in the Cessna Citation Jet (CJ). This system utilized a main panel faceplate assembly for all communication, navigation, and transponder units. The radios (w/o bezels) install from the rear of the assembly. Therefore, CNI5000 versions of the Silver Crown product line (i.e. KN-53 -04, KT-70 -1101, KT-71 -6101, KY-196A -50, KY-196B -0201) do not have a bezel so that the radios can be installed in a stand alone installation. Furthermore, the CNI5000 radios have 5 volt lighting.

Click here to view the CNI5000 panel. (78KB image)
Click here to view a cockpit containing the CNI5000. (162KB image)

The KY-196B VHF Comm with 8.33 kHz channel spacing can directly replace the KY-196A VHF comm with no mounting rack or connector changes. The KY-196 uses a different rack and connector from the A models so it cannot be directly replaced by the KY-196B.
8.33 refers to the kilohertz (kHz) channel spacing for VHF communications radios required in certain types of airspace. Normal channel spacing for VHF comm radios is 25 kHz. Currently, 8.33 kHz channel spacing is only required above FL195 (19500 ft.) in the ICAO European region as of 15 March 2007.

8.33 channel spacing was introduced and implemented to help reduce VHF communication overlap and congestion in high traffic areas in Europe. With dividing 25 kHz by 3 (thus 8.33), many new communication frequencies were created. Only very specific radio equipment is capable of channeling, transmitting, and receiving in 8.33 kHz increments. Some of the more popular systems include the Rockwell Collins VHF-21/22/422/C/D and Bendix/King KX-165A (-0201), KY-196B. The Garmin GNS-430/530 series systems are capable of 8.33 also.
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