Part #: 066-01145-0101

Model: TPU-66A






TCAS I Processor

Part Number :




  • TCAS Processor used in CAS-66A TCAS I system
  • Contains circuitry for functions of TCAS I system and interfacing with configuration modules, antennas, graphic processors, controls and displays
  • 28 VDC power input
  • 1/2 ATR Short Per ARINC 404A
  • 45 aircraft surveillance capacity (can display up to 30 of the closest range aircraft)
  • Designed for installations with top-mounted directional antenna (see ANT-67A ) and bottom-mounted omnidirectional antenna (dependant on installation configuration)
Note: One or two directional antennas may be used in a TCAS I System. Top mounted ANT-67A is always required. ANT-67A must be used on bottom of the aircraft for intruder bearing to be determined.


Size: 4.98"W x 7.70"H x 12.56"D; 1/2 ATR short per ARINC 404A Weight: 17.20 lbs.
Form factor: 4 MCU ARINC 600 Primary Power: +28VDC (22-30VDC), 77 +- 2.8 watts
Synchro Reference: ARINC 413A, 26VAC/400 Hz Temp Range: -55 to 70C (operating)
TSO: C118 Altitude: Category A2 15000 ft.; F2 55000 ft
Voice Synthesizer: Speaker: 6.5 watts into 8 ohm Headphones: 100 mw into 600 ohm Cooling: Convection
Transmitter Frequency: 1030 +- .01 MHz Warm Up Time: 3 minutes for frequency stabilization
Input VSWR: 1.35:1 Transmitter Delay: 0.050 usec max between top and bottom antenna channels
Part Number: Description:
066-01145-0101 Basic unit, 28VDC power, Single or Dual Directional Antenna


- TCAS I Processor

NSN: 5895-01-459-5973

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The problem is mostly likely that the TPU-66A processor needs its software updated to level 01/14.  The problem is caused by an internal buffer overload when operating in areas of high Mode S activity.  Honeywell Software Bulletin SWB TPU66A-SW6 reprograms the TPU with new software to increase the size of the buffer to prevent F8601 faults when the TPU is operating in dense Mode S airspace.

Due to the age and mod levels of some TPU-66A processors, the repair costs for cores can many times exceed the value of the unit. Since SEA is committed to offering the most honest, easily understood solutions for its customers, we find it difficult to offer flat rate exchanges for these units. If you are interested in procuring an exchange for the TPU-66A, please use our RFQ function or contact our Sales Dept. today.
Many avionics systems require a configuration or setup process. This process is required to interface certain avionics systems to other systems in the aircraft that will be inputting or outputting information to and from these systems. Some examples of systems that require a configuration or setup process include:


In addition, most newer technology or solid state systems require configuration via computer interface of some type. A qualified avionics technician should always refer to the appropriate manufacturer's installation manual for complete information and instructions.
No, an STC is not required for TAS (Traffic Awareness) and/or TCAS I installations on Part 91 and Part 135 aircraft. FAA order 8900.1 provides guidance for a follow on field approval by the FAA. An FAA approved Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement is required as well.