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Part #: BA-110


Blue Avionics


ARINC 429 to CSDB Unit

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  • BA-110 ARINC to CSDB Converter Unit (ACU) is configurable to convert any ARINC 429 bus into any two CSDB output busses
  • The Adaptable BA-110 ACU flexibility allows us to provide a complete system within a few weeks after receiving your aircraft functional requirements
  • Bus Speeds for ARINC 429 Input, CSDB Outputs, and RS-232 Outputs
  • CSDB Frames/Sec
  • CSDB Bytes/Block
  • CSDB Blocks/Frame
  • CSDB Unassigned Block Times/Frame
  • RINC 429 to CSDB Bit Mapping
  • Label Refresh Rates in each Frame
  • Conversion of ARINC 429 BNR, BCD, and Discrete data to CSDB BNR or BCD or Discrete or Bit Mapping
  • Discrete to Bit mapping in both CSDB and RS-232 data streams
  • Complex Value and bit values
  • Blue Avionics INC
  • Computation and Equations
  • Range and scale Changes
  • RS-232 Baud Rate
  • ARINC 429 to RS-232 Bit Mapping
  • Conversion of ARINC 429 BNR, BCD, and Discrete data to RS-232 BNR or BCD or Discrete or Bit Mapping

Configurable to convert ARINC 429 data and output :

  • Air Data Bus 1A, 1B (Air Data)
  • ADF Bus (Nav ADF)
  • AHC Bus 1A, 1B, 1C (AHRS)
  • ATC CTL Bus (ATC System)
  • ATC XPDR Bus (ATC System)
  • CDU Bus 1A, 1B (Nav Long Range)
  • DME Bus 1A, 1B (Nav DME)
  • DPU Bus 1A, 1B (EFIS System)
  • FCC Bus 1 or 2 (Flight Control)
  • FGC Bus (Flight Control)
  • MCS Bus (Heading)
  • MPU (EFIS)
  • NAV Bus 1A, 1B (Navigation VHF)
  • NAV CTL Bus 1A, 1B (Navigation VHF)
  • VHF COM Bus (Communications VHF)
  • VHF COM CTL 1A,1B (Communications VHF)
  • VNI Bus (Navigation Vertical)



POWER: +28 VDC Nominal  (Range +32Vdc  to +10Vdc)                0.8 A nominal INPUTS:  ARINC 429 (HS/LS), Four (4) Discrete Inputs (GND/OPEN)
OUTPUTS: Four (2) Channels of CSDB (HS/LS), Discrete Outputs (GND/OPEN), Unit Fail Discrete, Unit Present Discrete Built-In-Test : (Self-monitoring) 98% Detection BUILT-in-TEST with a Fail Discrete Output
CONFIGURATION PLUG:  STC/TC is protected by specific CPN (Configuration Part Number or Customer Part Numbers) for each program  SAFETY: DO-178C DAL B, DO-254 DAL B, DO-160G Non-pressurized, Non-Temp controlled, Very High Levels of EMI/EMC tolerance


Part Number: Description:
ba-110 ARINC 429 to CSDB Unit


- ARINC 429 to CSDB Unit
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