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Part #: 100140

Model: D1000A


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Modem Unit

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D1000A Kit
  • FAA-Certified D1000A Tracking and Comm. Kit with Basic Control Panel
  • Automated and advanced global flight tracking via SkyRouter
  • Receive two-way e-mail messaging from aircraft via laptop/PDA/EFB with simple browser interface
  • Fill private flight plans and send to SkyRouter
  • Compatible with ACH1000 voice communication and two-way messaging option
  • Integrated single channel antenna solution for both Iridium and GPS (only one 3.5” diameter antenna required for GPS, tracking, messaging and voice)
  • Control head offers an ON/OFF switch, LED indicators


Dimensions: 3.5" H x 5.3" W x 12.5" D Weight: 6.1 lbs
Power Requirements: 10 VDC – 30 VDC Nominal Current: <1A Continuous, <3A Peak (at 28 VDC)
Operating Temperature range: -20° C to 60° C Iridium Data Circuit Frequency: L-Band
Short Burst Data Frequency: L-Band GPS Frequency: L-Band
LED Indicators: Power (ON/OFF), Iridium and GPS signal Strength, message waiting (ON/OFF, Ethernet (LINK/ACTIVE), Quick Position (ON/OFF) Laptop/PDA I/O: Ethernet (RJ-45)
Data I/O: DB9 for ACH-series control heads RS232 DB9 for telemetry data retrieval Mini-DB9 for firmware upgrades Antenna: Single Channel GPS/Iridium tuned, fully TSO’d
FAA Certification: DO-160D    
Part Number KIT Tracker Description:
GDKAF A see details above
GDKBF B see details above, includes Satellite Phone


Serial # DM10437A
Condition SV
Mods None
Tag Date 12/18/19
Shop Blue Sky Network LLC
Warranty 6 Months
- Modem Unit
Price Condition Status

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