Part #: 100-601967-101

Model: CMA-5024

CMC Electronics - GPS Sensor Unit
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  • IntegriFlight™ - GPS / SBAS Landing System Sensor Unit
  • Supports advanced avionics capabilities such as ADS-B, RNP-RNAV, and SAAAR.
  • Self-Contained LPV capability, bolts onto existing aircraft.
  • Outstanding MTBF, full environmental operating range, supports all Part 121 applications.
  • Easy bolt-on installation on all aircraft, existing and new.
  • ARINC 743A compliant SBAS Landing Sensor Unit with new LPV function
  • State-of-the-Art 24 Channel Narrow Correlator Technology for outstanding accuracy and multi-path rejection.
  • High Integrity SBAS Beta-3/Delta-4 Sensor for all RNP RNAV applications
  • Supports advanced avionics capabilities such as ADS-B, SAAAR approaches, and high accuracy TAWS
  • Hosts SBAS approach database or accepts external FAS data data blocks
  • Compatible with existing legacy C-129 FMS, ILS, DME, and display instruments
  • Fault Detection and Exclusion (FDE) and Predictive RAIM with automatic pressure altimeter incorporation
  • Superior performance in all aspects compared to any TSO-C129a GPS sensor
  • At least four continuous SBAS channels, software assignable with full DO-229D (successor to DO-229C) message processing
  • Superb RNP performance with LPV GPS Approach capability
  • Extensive I/O supporting ARINC-743A, 709, and 710 with DME and ILS look-alike digital and analog and similar interfaces
  • Designed for easy retrofit into all aircraft or into OEM integrations
  • Supports all legacy FMS certified under TSO-129a without modification, all legacy data and wiring retained per ARINC-743A and fully supports FMS upgrade to Gamma-3 certification.
  • GBAS upgradeable
  • Outstanding MTBF and environmental qualification
  • Requires no special avionics mounting - installs anywhere


Design requirements:

743B Characteristic
755-4 Characteristic

DO-246D (in development)
DO-253C (in development)


TSO C-145c Beta-3 & TSO C-146c Delta-4
TSO-161a & TSO-162a (in development)
FAR Part 25

RTCA/DO-178B Level B

RTCA/DO-254 Level B


Type: 24 parallel Narrow Correlator simultaneous processing channels, 4 SBAS channels + 20 GPS channels

Frequency: L1, 1575.42 MHz, GPS & SBAS C/A codes

Signal Performance: Fully compliant to RTCA/DO-229D GPS & SBAS signal acquisition, tracking & positioning accuracy performance under all interference conditions

Time to First Fix: < 75 seconds max, 95% confidence

Navigation Accuracy: SA-OFF, RNP0.1 >99.999% availability with SBAS, and Primary Means Navigation as per RTCA/DO-229D

Velocity Accuracy: <0.5 knots, 95%, SA-OFF, velocity as per RTCA/DO-229D Appendix F

Position Update: Independent 1Hz and 10Hz outputs

Approach Guidance: 20Hz ARINC-710 LOC/GS & new 10Hz rectilinear outputs

Antenna: Active antenna compliant with TSO C-190

BITE: Continuous coverage, >95% fault detection

MTBF: >40,000 hours

Other features:

Pressure Altimeter: Automatic incorporation as per RTCA/DO-229D Appendix G

FDE/Predictive RAIM: Fault detection & isolation with automatic incorporation of pressure altimeter data as per RTCA/DO-229D

Approach Capability: SBAS LPV, LP, LNAV/VNAV as per RTCA/DO-229D

SBAS FAS Database: RTCA/DO-200A certified, maximum world-wide database < 4MB maximum per cycle

Database Capacity: Built-in 2 cycle capacity, 12MB/cycle, 24MB total flash memory for SBAS FAS database

Data Loader: RS-232 & ARINC-615-3 (429), supports differential SBAS FAS database loads

ADS-B Support: Fully compliant with FAA AC20-165A & RTCA/DO-229D Appendix U

Maintenance Port: RS-232

41-pin Connector: Legacy ARINC 743A-5 & ARINC 743B compliant

100-pin Connector: ARINC 743B compliant, Supports "bolt-on" SBAS/GBAS precision approach with built-in digital high integrity switch

New interfaces
supporting gps approach:

ILS Look-alike: ARINC 710 digital GS/LOC


Control Head: ARINC 429

Cross-Feed: ARINC 429 for dual and triple installations

Linear Deviations: ARINC 429


Size: 2.6" x 8.5" x 9.5"

Weight: 5.5 lbs

Input Power: 18 to 36 VDC

Consumption: 20W max, 16W typical, with digital interfaces


Temperature: DO-160E Cat. A2F2X, -55C to +70C

Altitude: DO-160E Cat. F2, 55,000 feet

Humidity: DO-160E, Cat. B

Vibration: DO-160E, Cat. (CYL), R(G)

Cooling: Not required

EMC/HIRF: DO-160E, Cat. YY (200 W/m)

EMI: DO-160E, Cat. M

Lightning: DO-160E Cat. A3J33

Legacy arinc-743 interfaces:

Inputs: 8 ARINC 429, 1 RS-232

Outputs: 3 ARINC 429, 1 RS-232, 1 28V fault output discrete, Three 1-Hz time marks


- GPS Sensor Unit

NSN: 5826-20-009-6159

Price Condition Delivery

SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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