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Model: AT-5000

Cobham - Flexcomm Antenna (29.7-960 MHz)
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  • Low Profile, Tunable Blade Antenna 
  • Flexcomm™ RT-5000 Transceiver Antenna
  • 29.7 MHz - 960 MHz
  • 5.5" Height
  • Available in White or Black Finish
  • FC-5000 Tuner Required


Dimensions: 5.5" H x 3.6" W x 14.96" L Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Finish: Gloss White Epoxy to Def. Stan. 80-161 C.S.D.: Compass Safe Distance <12"
Temperature: -55°C to +70°C Vibration: MIL-E-5400, Curve IIIB
Altitude: 55,000 ft Shock: MIL-STD-810E; METH.516.4; PROC. I(20G, 11ms)
Frequency: 29.7 - 88 MHz 108 - 174 MHz 225 - 400 MHz 400 - 960 MHz Impedance: 50 Ohms (nominal)
VSWR: ≤ 2.5:1 All Bands RF Power: Low Split: 15W DSBAM High Split: 25W CW
Polarization: Essentially vertical Radiation Pattern: Omnidirectional in Azimuth (nominal)
Spec. Gain:

30 MHz: -15dBi 88 MHz: -7.5dBi 118-174 MHz: -3dBi ave 225-960 MHz: 0 dBi ave

Connections: RF 29.7-400 MHz: N Type Female RF 400-960 MHz: TNC Female DC PT02-12-10P
Part NumberTransceiver Antenna Description:
121-040045-01 White Antenna
121-040045-02 Black Antenna


- Flexcomm Antenna (29.7-960 MHz)

NSN: 5985-01-552-5665

Price Condition Status
- Flexcomm Antenna (29.7-960 MHz)

NSN: 5985-01-604-1760

Price Condition Status

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The RT-5000 system frequency range is 29.7 - 400 MHz (AM), 29.7 - 960 MHz (FM). However to use the maximum frequency range, you must have an appropriate antenna for the system. The antenna used with the system determines the possible frequency range of the RT-5000.

Antennas such as the AT-550, AT-560 and AT-5000, coupled with the appropriate tuner, will reach the full span of the frequencies offered by the RT-5000. The downside of purchasing an antenna for the full frequency range is the high cost involved; an antenna system such as the ones mentioned above, cost as much as $10,000 new condition. Otherwise it is recommended that you purchase and install antenna(s) designed for your desired frequency range.