Part #: 247

Model: NAT247

Cobham - Audio Mixing Amplifier
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  • Audio Mixing Amplifier
  • 12 Channel
  • Applications include cockpit, voice recorder audio mixing, aural warning audio mixing and cabin music mixing
  • 3 identical 4-channel isolated mixing amps, each with its own output
  • Individual power supplies for separate functions or combined to create 10-channel unit
  • Adjustable inputs with installer-selectable (jumper) mic bass
  • Small package size and low weight
  • Quick-latching, high-density D-subminiature connector
  • Compliance: DO-214, D0-160C, TSO-C50c Env. Cat.: [A2F2]-BA(CL)XXXXXXZ(BZ)AAATZ(XXC2)XX


Dimensions: 1.6"H x 3.0"W x 4.0"D (excluding mating connectors) Weight: 0.35 lbs. (max)
Power Supply: 28 VDC at 150 mA maximum (each circuit) Maximum current (3 mixer circuits combined) = 450 mA Input Impedance: 600 Ω (15KΩ with gnd/bias jumper removed)
Output Impedance: 100 Ω Frequency Response: Flat within ±3dB from 300 to 6,000 Hz
Distortion: <1% THD+N from 300 to 6000 Hz Gain Range: >12 dB
Output: 4.5 Vrms (33mW) into 600 Ω, Outputs are current limited Mic Bias: 18 Vdc at 30 mA (600 Ω source impedance) individually selectable
Enclosure: Conversion coated aluminum Mounting: Bulkhead Mount: four #8 screws
Temperature: -55° to +70° C Altitude: -15,000 to 70,000 feet
Part NumberAmplifier Description:
247 see details above
247-001 Includes bi-polar output capacitors for compatibility with DC biased loads such as microphone inputs


- Audio Mixing Amplifier
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