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Flexcomm Tactical Radio

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  • Panel Mount Tactical Radio
  • Tactile and touchscreen interface
  • Modular, easily-upgradable design
  • 29.7 - 960 MHz AM/FM P-25
  • Trunking: P-25 Phase I and Phase II, SmartZone, SmartNet
  • Flight tunable
  • Connectivity for 2 external handheld radios for maximum interoperability
  • Multiple embedded internal transceivers
  • TSO/ETSO COM and display
  • Touchscreen color LCD display with programmable day/night backlighting, including MIL STD 3009 NVIS
  • Best-in-class user interface, designed with operator input
  • Smallest V/UHF, P25, 700/800/900 MHZ voice radio ever built
  • Embedded relay, simulcast, and relay/simulcast
  • ATC communications
  • Programmable preset channels (up to 1000)
  • Programmable scan patterns
  • Multikey FIPS-140-2 encryption
  • Frequency Range, AM/FM Analog 29.7-960 MHz, including bands:
    • 30-50 MHz : LMR
    • 30-88 MHz : Military
    • 87.5-108 MHz : FM broadcast
    • 108-118 MHz : VOR voice
    • 118-154 MHz : ATC & Civil Air Patrol
    • 136-174 MHz : LMR
    • 156-174 MHz : Maritime
    • 225-400 MHz : Military
    • 380-520 MHz : LMR
    • 764-960 MHz : LMR


Dimensions: 5.75" W x 4.50" H x 7" D Weight: 8.5 lbs approx.
voltage requirements: 27.5 Vdc +/- 20% Temperature: -4ºF to +131ºF
channeling: 6.25/8.33/12.5/25 kHz certification: TSO/ETSO 169a ATC COM & C113 Display
transmit power: ATC COMS - 4W Min; AM - 4W Min; FM - 10W;
P-25: VHF -6W, UHF -5W, 700/800 MHz - 3W
APCO p-25: All P-25 Bands: Conventional Common Air Interface (CAI);
Phase I, II Trunking; Analog Trunking (SmartZone, SmartNet)
encryption: FIPS 140-2, Level 2/3; P-25 AES & DES; Analog DES, DES-XL, DVP; P-25 OTAR; Multikey


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Part Number: Description:
RT-7000 Flexcomm Tactical Radio
RT7000PMR-002-005 Flexcomm Tactical Radio


- Flexcomm Tactical Radio
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- Panel Mount Radio, 2 WBT, NVIS-B
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