Part #: A3154464

Model: RT-1354B/ARC-186V




Collins Aerospace


Multi-band VHF AM/FM R/T

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  • Low-Cost multi-band VHF/AM/FM transceiver
  • Designed to fulfill the demanding multirole missions flown in complex tactical and international environments
  • 20 channel preset capability with secure voice compatibility
  • 25 kHz spaced
  • FM range 30-88 MHz
  • AM range 108-152 MHz
  • Secure voice in both AM & FM
  • Full FM frequency range provides tactical communication for all military users in high-threat environments
  • US Air Force & Army standard VHF AM/FM transceiver
  • Aircraft installations include the F-16, A-10, C-130, AH-1, H-53, AH-64, UH-60, and CH-47
  • Variety of aircraft installations is made possible by the wide choice of available installation options
  • May be panel or remote mounted
  • Control options include half-size dual NAV/COMM and dual VHF/UHF controls
  • Various mounts are available to retrofit the AN/ARC-186 into existing VHF installations
  • With retrofit kits the ARC-186 can directly replace ARC-114, 115, 131 and 134 with no wiring changes
  • Weighs just 7 lbs (panel mounted versions)
  • Compared to installations containing AN/ARC-131 & AN/ARC-134, previous USAF standards, one AN/ARC-186 saves 75% in weight, 85% in volume & 70% in power
  • Can be easily modified to operate on the MIL-STD-1553 multiplex bus for new generation aircraft
  • Panel transceiver features are identical to the remote mount transceiver
  • Conversion from panel mount to remote-mount R/T is easily accomplished by removing the panel control module and replacing with a plug-in serial control receiver module
  • Solid-state Metal-Nitride-Oxide-Semiconductor (MNOS) memory stores 16-bit channel / frequency data for each of the 20 preset channels
  • Stored data is not erased when power is turned off
  • Front panel controls are provided to turn the radio on/off, control volume, switch to AM or FM emergency frequencies, and to select frequencies manually or with presets
  • Retransmit function may be provided between two ARC-186 transceivers or between an ARC-186 and an existing VHF or UHF transceiver
  • 4,080 frequency channels/secure voice compatible: 2,320 channels of FM voice communications and 1,760 channels of AM voice communication
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Demonstrating over 10,000 hours MTBF
  • Components are easily accessible for service, all transceiver functions are contained on 7 modules with test points located on the edge to speed testing



Frequency: 30-87.975 MHz FM; 108-115.975 MHz AM (Receive only) 116 to 151.975 MHz AM reset memory: 20 channel/non-volatile
power input: 27.5 vdc, MIL-STD-704B sensitivity: AM: 3uV (open circuit) for 10 dB (S+N)/N, FM: 0.75uV (open circuit) for 10 dB (S+N)/N
Selectivity: Narrowband: 19 KHz Wideband: 36 KHz audio outputs: Narrowband: 300-3,200 Hz ± 3 dB; 200 mw into 150 or 600 ohms; vol. cntrl. attenuation variable from 0 to 37 ± 3 dB Wideband: 10-14,000 Hz ± 3 dB; 2 v peak to peak into 500 ohms ADF: 10-14,000 Hz ± 3 db; 2 v peak to peak into 500 ohms
distortion: Not more than 10% squelch: Carrier to noise type (adjustable); Climax compatible
squelch tone: 150 Hz tone modulated @ ± 3 KHz deviation w/tone squelched receivers; can be disabled carrier power: 10 watts min (AM/FM), 16 watts max (FM) into 52 ohms
Duty cycle: 1:5 Tx to Rx power: 28 ± 15% vdc; 5 a and 18 v emergency only
max size: Remote Mounted R/T: 5" W x 9 1/2" L x 4 7/8" H weight: Remote Mounted R/T: 7.0 lbs max Console/Panel Mounted R/T: 7.25 lbs max
Temperature: Storage: -54°C to +85°C / Continuous: -54°C to +71°C    


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A3154464 Multi-band VHF AM/FM R/T 


Serial # 1201
Condition SV
Mods -
Tag Date 06/12/17
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Warranty 6 Months
Serial # 1333
Condition SV
Mods -
Tag Date 06/12/17
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Warranty 6 Months
Serial # 7307
Condition SV
Mods -
Tag Date 06/12/17
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Warranty 6 Months
Serial # 5189
Condition SV
Mods -
Tag Date 07/01/15
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Warranty 6 Months
Serial # 5617
Condition SV
Mods -
Tag Date 07/01/15
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Warranty 6 Months
- Receiver/Transmitter

NSN: 5821-01-328-2268

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