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Part #: 522-1136-014

Model: 137X-1


Collins Aerospace


Nav/Comm Antenna

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  • Communications and navigation antenna for airborne service
  • Made with printed circuit radiating elements enclosed in foam-filled, laminated epoxy fiber-glass skin
  • BNC connector is provided on baseplate for VOR and BNC plug connector for communications
  • Various part numbers were created to designate the mounting kit that was originally included with the antenna

*Antenna no longer includes the original mounting kit.


Frequency Range: 116 to 152 MHz (VHF); 225 to 400 MHZ (UHF) Compliance: FAA TSO-C37, C38b
Input Impedance: 50 ohms Duty Cycle: Continuous, unattended
VSWR: Less than 2:1 across specified freq. range Weight: 3.25 lb.
Construction: Printed circuit, radiating elements, lockfoam filled Size: 66.71 x 95.25 x 292.10 mm
Temperature: -62 to 71C Altitude: 35000 ft.
Input Power Limit: 35 watts continuous on either band Isolation: Not less than 20 dB
Connectors: BNC jack for VHF, TNC jack for UHF Emission: Vertically polarized
Part Number: Product Description:
522-1136-000 Antenna 
522-1136-011 Antenna, Originally Included a Standard Mounting Kit*
522-1136-014 Antenna, Originally Included a Special Mounting Kit* 


- Nav/Comm Antenna
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