Part #: 522-1136-014

Model: 137X-1

Collins Aerospace - Nav/Comm Antenna
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  • Communications and navigation antenna for airborne service
  • Made with printed circuit radiating elements enclosed in foam-filled, laminated epoxy fiber-glass skin
  • BNC connector is provided on baseplate for VOR and BNC plug connector for communications
  • Various part numbers were created to designate the mounting kit that was originally included with the antenna. (As shown in the table below.) The original kits are no longer available with the antenna, yet the part numbers for the antenna remain the same.


Frequency Range: 116 to 152 MHz (VHF); 225 to 400 MHZ (UHF) Compliance: FAA TSO-C37, C38b
Input Impedance: 50 ohms Duty Cycle: Continuous, unattended
VSWR: Less than 2:1 across specified freq. range Weight: 3.25 lb.
Construction: Printed circuit, radiating elements, lockfoam filled Size: 66.71 x 95.25 x 292.10 mm
Temperature: -62 to 71C Altitude: 35000 ft.
Input Power Limit: 35 watts continuous on either band Isolation: Not less than 20 dB
Connectors: BNC jack for VHF, TNC jack for UHF Emission: Vertically polarized
Part NumberProduct Description:
522-1136-000 Antenna 
522-1136-011 Antenna, Originally Included a Standard Mounting Kit*
522-1136-014 Antenna, Originally Included a Special Mounting Kit* 
*Antenna no longer includes the original mounting kit.


- Nav/Comm Antenna
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