Part #: 522-3614-203

Model: 313N-4B

Collins Aerospace - VHF Control
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  • VHF Navigation Control with analog readout
  • Product improved versions (-5XX series) available with modular switch assemblies and flexible printed circuit board to replace most of point-to-point wiring and seperate switch wafers used in -2XX models (see table below)
  • Models available with either 5 or 28V red or white lighting (see table below)
  • Provides ILS operation and supplies output to energize navigation receivers for 40-channel operation
  • Frequency selected by two knobs
  • Includes volume control, power, and test control knobs
  • Similar to 313N-4D control but does not include DME channeling
Frequency: 108.00-117.95 MHz and 133.00 to 135.95 MHz with 50-kHz spacing Lighting: 27.5 Volt red or white
Dimensions: 2.625"H x 2.5"W x 4.343"L Weight: 1.0 to 1.2 lbs.
Temperature: -55 to 70C (operating) Altitude: Up to 45000 feet (operating)
Part Number Navigation Control Description:
522-3614-200 28VDC red lighting
522-3614-203 5VAC white lighting
522-3614-206 5VDC red lighting
522-3614-500 28V red lighting with product improvements as mentioned above
522-3614-503 5VAC white lighting with product improvements as mentioned above
522-3614-506 5VDC red lighting with product improvements as mentioned above


Serial # 2643
Condition SV
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Tag Date 09/05/17
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NSN: 5826-01-006-0983

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