Part #: 622-4565-002

Model: 332D-11T




Collins Aerospace


Vertical Gyro

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  • SIMILAR to 332D-11 except it has different vibration isolators (See specifications)
  • Designed for environments with excessive vibration
  • Contains capabilities for fast and normal erection
  • Provides monitor signal to indicate proper erection and speed
  • Transmits pitch and roll attitude for flight director indicator
  • A source of attitude reference information used in integrated flight systems and automatic flight control systems
  • Three-wire 400 Hz synchro outputs conforming to ARINC specification are provided in both pitch and roll axes
  • Equipment features built-in starting cycle, roll cutout, and monitoring circuits
  • Fast erection is automatic during starting
  • Both manual recycling and self-testing can readily be provided by appropriate external wiring



Size: 5 5/8" x 6 3/16" x 7 3/4" Weight: 7.2 lbs
Connector: Bendix Pigmy MS3112E-18-32P Mates with MS3116E-18-32S Power Req.: Starting: 60 VA (550 mA at 115 Vac) Running: 35 VA (300 mA at 115 Vac)
Output Type: Synchro: 204 mV/degree +/-10%, 3-wire, 400 Hz synchro outputs in roll and pitch axes Output Type: Radar: 51 mV ac/degree +/-10%, 2-wire, transformer outputs in pitch and roll axes for radar antenna orientation
Output Type: Isolated: 204 mV ac/degree =/-10%, 2-wire, electronically isolated outputs in pitch and roll axes Output Loading: Synchro: Up to three servoed Bendix type AY500-5 synchro control transformers or equivalent plus two 10k resistive loads
Output Loading: Radar: 10k Maximum for each axis Output Loading: Isolated: 1k maximum for each axis
Null Voltage: 40-millivolt maximum no load Erection Cutout: Internal: 4-9 degress bank External: Provision is made for external cutout, such as external switching rate gyro
Synchro Accuracy: 20-minute maximum angular error Erection Accuracy: 0.5 Degree of vertical within 3 minutes after energizing
Output Accuracy: +/-0.5 Degree Roll Erection Cutout: When bank exceeds 9 degrees
Erection Rate: Normal: 1 - 3 degrees per minute Fast: 5 degrees per minute minimum Free Drift: 0.6 Degree per minute maximum
Operating Temperature: -54C to +70C Storage Temperature: -65C to +70C
Ambient Humidity: 0 - 95% Altitude: -1000 to +40000 feet
Vibration: 1.5g at 17-55Hz, 1.0g at 55-2000Hz    
Part Number: Description:
622-4565-001 Vertical Gyro, with additional pitch/roll altitude info & isolated XY points. Green vibration isolators.
622-4565-002 Vertical Gyrowith Black vibration isolators.


Serial # 2543
Condition OH
Mods 21,24,27
Tag Date 04/02/24
Shop Southeast Aerospace Inc.
Warranty 6 Months
Serial # 3263
Condition OH
Mods 21,24-27
Tag Date 03/22/24
Shop Southeast Aerospace Inc.
Warranty 6 Months
- Vertical Gyro

NSN: 6615-01-328-1062

Price Condition Status
- Vertical Gyro

NSN: 6625-01-353-3975

Price Condition Status

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According to the overhaul manual, it is recommended that the gyromotor bearings be replaced according to the Service Bulletin level of the specified unit.

Without Service Bulletin 13, the recommended interval for overhaul is every 1000 flight hours.

With Service Bulletin 13, the recommended interval for overhaul is every 2000 flight hours.

With Service Bulletin 26, the recommended interval is overhaul is every 3000 flight hours.

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