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Part #: 522-3763-001

Model: 346B-3




Collins Aerospace


Audio Control

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  • Provides control and amplification functions for aircraft audio system
  • Can control as many as 14 receivers and 6 transmitters or 8 receivers and 6 transceivers
  • Version available that has additional transceiver capability (see table below)
  • Each transceiver and receiver input can be separately switched to phone channel, speaker channel, or off
  • Speaker channel can be used for passenger address system, external wheel well speaker system, or aircraft interphone system
  • Version available with externally controlled sidetone volume control (see table below)
  • Housed in 1/4 ATR short low case
  • External cooling not required, holes in case provided for ARINC cooling
  • Can be controlled using 387C-4 Audio Control


Inputs: (-001,003 units) nine receiver (two of nine receiver inputs are ADF), three transceiver, mike, and interphone inputs with provisions for adding tow more receiver switches and converting three receiver inputs to transceiver inputs Inputs: (-002 unit) eight receiver (two of eight receiver inputs are ADF), six transceiver, mike, and interphone inputs
Inputs Signals: Communications and ADF receivers: 5.0V VOR receivers: 7.9 volts LOC receivers: 4.8 volts MB receivers: 3.4 volts DME: 3.4 volts Mic: 0.1 volt, nominal Outputs: Speakers, headphone, and interphone handsets
Output Impedance: Speaker channel: 4 or 16 ohms Phone channel: 600 ohms Output Level: Speaker channel: 10 watts, nominal Phone channel: 100mW, nominal
Crosstalk: at least 50-dB isolation between inputs Compression: not more than 3dB rise in output for 20dB rise in input
Size: 1/4 ATR short low Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Power Drain: Phone channel: 250 mA at 27.5 VDC Speaker channel: 350 mA at 27.5 VDC (1.2A at voice peaks) Service Interphone: Three handsets loads per unit, 600 ohm phone; carbon of transistorized dynamic mic
Part Number: Description:
522-3763-001 Audio Control, Standard version
522-3763-002 Audio Control, with additional transceiver capability
522-3763-003 Audio Control, with external sidetone control


- Audio Control

NSN: 5895-01-013-0719

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