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Model: 614L-11

Collins Aerospace - ADF Control
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  • DZUS mounted, single analog type ADF control permitting operation of all ADF receiver functions from remote location in aircraft
  • Operating frequency of ADF receiver can be selected in 0.5 kHz steps from 190 to 1749.5 kHz
  • Provides selection of ADF or ANT operating modes
  • Provides frequency indicating dial, series of three concentric frequency selection knobs, mode switch, TONE-OFF switch, TEST switch, and optional GAIN control on front panel (see table below)
  • Models with combinations of gray or black knobs and panel colors (see table below)
  • Models available with 5, 6.3 or 28 Volt, Clear white or Blue-white or Red lighting (see table below)
RTCA Document: DO-138 ARINC characteristic: 570
MIL specification: MIL-C-6781 Altitude: 45000 ft max
Temperature: -54 to 55C (operation) Dimensions: 5.75"W x 2.625"H x 2.5"H
Frequency selection: BCD binary code switching per ARINC 570 Duty Cycle: Continuous
Part NumberADF Control Description:
777-1493-001 Gray panel & knobs, white 5-volt lighting, no audio control
777-1493-002 Gray panel, black knobs, blue-white 5-volt lighting, no audio control
777-1493-003 Black panel & knobs, blue-white 28-volt lighting, no audio control
777-1493-004 Gray panel & knobs, white 5-volt lighting, with audio control
777-1493-005 Black panel & knobs, blue-white 5-volt lighting, audio control
777-1493-006 Black panel & knobs, blue-white 28-volt lighting, audio control
777-1493-007 Black panel & knobs, red 28-volt lighting, audio control
777-1493-008 Gray panel, Black knobs, white 5-volt lighting, audio control
777-1493-009 Black panel & knobs, clear 6.3-volt lighting, audio control
777-1493-010 Black panel & knobs, clear 28-volt lighting, audio control


- ADF Control

NSN: 5826-01-124-2598

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- ADF Control

NSN: 4920-01-439-7376

Price Condition Status
- ADF Control
Price Condition Status

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Most of the Collins Proline I components were originally manufactured in the early 1970s. Collins has continued to produce some of the Proline I components by special order over the past 30 years however large scale production stopped many years ago. Most of the Collins Proline I product lines incorporates 1960s and 70s analog technology. Collins has superseded the Proline I product line several times with the Proline II, Proline IV, and Proline 21 lines. As a result, some service parts needed to maintain and repair original Collins Proline I components are no longer available. Therefore, you may experience limited to no warranty available and unreliability for many of the Proline I units.

Southeast Aerospace offers many affordable, upgradeable options that are available for aircraft with Collins Proline I. As avionics integration specialists and premiere Collins dealer, Southeast Aerospace is experienced and knowledgeable on all Collins Proline generations.

If you are interested in upgrading any of your original Collins Proline I systems, please contact us for the most reasonable, optimal choice available.