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Part #: 822-1470-001

Model: ADF-4000




Collins Aerospace


ADF Receiver

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  • ADF Receiver
  • 2.0 MCU
  • Member of the Pro Line 21 CNS family of products - featuring state-of-the-art digital signal processing technology, digital audio, a consolidated tuning/data/audio bus, comprehensive maintenance software and software data loading
  • Pro Line 21 sets new standards for size, weight & power
  • The Pro Line 21 product line is designed & tested to meet the more stringent DO-160D Change 1 environmental requirements for helicopters & composite body aircraft
  • Maintains the same serial data and analog audio interfaces as the Pro Line II & 4 products - allowing minimum modification upgrades
  • Includes ADF, glideslope, marker beacon functionality
  • Provides the capability to determine direction to non-directional beacons or AM broadcast stations operating in the 190 to 1799, 2088 to 2094, 2179 to 2185 kHz frequency ranges when used in conjunction with the ANT-462 antenna system
  • Utilizes advanced synthesizer and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology to convert the received RF signal to a base band digital signal
  • ADF receiver determines the location of the radiation signal with respect to the aircraft body and provides this bearing on its digital output bus
  • Receiver demodulates the AM signal and provides analog and digital output to the RIU-4000/4100 on the unit's high-speed ARINC 429 bus
  • Receiver also provides a BFO function to generate a 1000 Hz audio tone for detection of unmodulated or continuous wave idents
  • Extensive self-test and BITE capability allow detection of unit failures and ability to isolate the failure to the subassembly level
  • Non-volatile memory allows storage of fault conditions as an aid in isolating intermittent failure conditions and to assist in shop level repair
  • The fault information is output on the high-speed ARINC 429 bus along with the navigation information, digital audio and software data load capability



Weight: 2.1 lb Dimensions: 3.44" H x 2" W x 14.12" L
TSO: C41d Class A Software: DO-178B Level C
EUROCAE: ED-14A Environmental: DO-160D Change 1 [A2F2] ZBBB [(SLM) (TCC1R)] EWXXXSZ[BZ] AZC [K(GK)E]H[A3E3]XAA
Temperature: -55 to +70°C  Altitude: 70,000 ft
Power Input @ 28V: 0.3A    
ADF Frequency Inputs:
Control: CSDB or ARINC 429 Range: 190.0 to 1799, 2088 to 2094 and 2179 to 2185 kHz
Tuning Increments:  500 Hz    
ADF Outputs:
Operational Modes: ADF or ANT Types of Reception: CW, MCW
Output Signals: CSDB or ARINC 429 Audio Output: 50 mW into 600 ohms
ADF Receiver:
Capture Range: ±250 kHz Accuracy: ±3° excluding quadrantal error
Sensitivity: 70 microvolts/m at 6dB (s+n)/n Selectivity (typical): 6 dB: ±1.4 kHz 70 db: ±7 kHz
Spurious Response: -80dB    
Part Number: Description:
822-1470-001 ADF Receiver


- ADF Receiver

NSN: 5820-01-580-3476

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