Part #: 622-2873-001

Model: ADF-60B

Collins Aerospace - ADF Receiver
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Image shown is an ADF-60A due to similarities in appearance between units.

  • Remote mount ADF receiver
  • Typically used with ANT-60A/B combined sense/loop antennas, either 614L-11/12/13 analog controls or CTL-60, CTL-62 (w/ CAD-62) digital controls, and RMI-36 indicators as a system
  • DC sin/cos RMI output only
  • Completely solid-state, no rotating machinery
  • Coherent detection to demodulate bearing signal for reduced bearing errors and safety hazards caused by adjacent channel signals
  • Automatic band switching for ease of frequency selection over entire operating range
  • Audio muting and pointer stowage with unusable signal
  • Digital tuning combined with single crystal frequency synthesizer
  • Digitally stabilized frequency synthesizer
  • Crystal filter selectivity
  • Modular construction
  • Same as ADF-60A but does not have 3-wire synchro output for use with 3-wire RMI units


TSO: C41c, Env CAT/AD/A/JNG/AAAXXXXXX, class A selectivity RTCA document: DO-138, DO-142
Weight: 4.2 lbs. Temperature: -54 to +55 C (continuous)
Altitude: To 60000 ft. Power Requirements: 27.5 V dc, 600 mA
Frequency control: BCD digital, four wires per decade Operational modes: ANT, ADF, TONE/ CW
Types or reception: AM,CW,MCW Frequency range: 190 kHz to 1749.5 kHz in 6 bands
Tuning increments: 0.5 kHz Bandwidth: 2.8 kHz at 6 dB nominal
Spurious response: At least 80 dB below desired response Audio output: 100 mW into 600 ohm load
CW ident: 1000-Hz tone Sensitivity: Per RTCA paper DO-142
Part NumberADF Receiver Description:
622-2873-001 see details above


- ADF Receiver

NSN: 5825-01-335-5226

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