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Picture of product AHC-3000S

Part #: 822-1800-001

Model: AHC-3000S


Collins Aerospace


Attitude Heading Ref Computer

Part Number :

AHS-3000/3000() AHRS System



  • Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)
  • AHS-3000() System is designed for ARINC 429 equipped aircraft
  • Featuring digital quartz microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors that provide heading and attitude information to the flight deck and other on board systems
  • Solid-state sensor technology for high reliability
  • Up to 10,000-hour mean time between failures rating
  • Designed for both new aircraft and as replacement installations
  • Analog and synchro interface for retrofit applications
  • Primary function is to provide measurements of the aircraft pitch, roll and heading Euler angles for use by the flight deck displays, flight control systems and other avionics equipment
  • High-quality body rate, Euler rate and linear acceleration outputs are provided for enhanced flight control system performance 
  • Advanced EMI/HIRF/Lightning isolation
  • Built to withstand extreme environments involving high roll rates & vibration, designed for use in a variety of aircraft types
  • Automated compass swing
  • Uses existing five or six wire flux detector interfaces
  • Compact Design - Reduced weight, size & power requirements
  • Easier installation through new auto-leveling feature
  • Configurable outputs for interface flexibility
  • Typical AHC-3000A systems include:
    • AHC-3000A Attitude Heading Computer,
    • FDU-3000* Flux Detector Unit,
    • MMT-3010 Multi Modular Mount, and
    • ECU-3000 External Compensation Unit
  • *In AHC-3000A System - FDU-3000 is not required for aircraft that already have FDU-70() installed
  • Typical AHC-3000S systems include:
    • AHC-3000S Attitude Heading Computer,
    • 323A-2G Flux Detector Unit (& ARINC standard 3 wire),
    • MMT-3010 Multi Modular Mount, and
    • ECU-3000 External Compensation Unit 


Weight: 4.60 lbs. Dimensions: 5.0"H x 2.5" W x 13.32" L
Temperature: -55°C to 70°C Altitude: 55,000ft
AHC-3000A Power Reqs: 28VDC, 27 W nom AHC-3000S Power Reqs: 28VDC, 25.5 W nom
AHC-3000 Power Regs: 28VDC, 16 W nom Pitch: ±90°
Roll: ±180° Heading: ±180° 
Body Rates: ±410°/s Accelerations: ±15g
Part Number: Description:
822-1110-002 AHC-3000 AHRS Computer
822-1378-001 AHC-3000A - Analog
822-1800-001 AHC-3000S - 5-Wire Sync


- Attitude Heading Ref Computer
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