Part #: 622-2502-001

Model: ANT-310

Collins Aerospace - Radar Antenna
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Part Number :

  • Radar Antenna used in WXR-270 Color Radar System
  • Fully stabilized antenna scan
  • 120-degree scan angle
  • 10-inch flat plate
  • Phased array antenna


Environmental: DO-138 categories, AA/JN/AAAXXXXXX FAA TSO: TSO-C63c, class 7
Dimensions: 10.00" H x 10.00"W x 7.40"L Weight: 6.68 lbs.
Beam Width: 10 deg. max Gain: 26.0 dB
Part NumberRadar Antenna Description:
622-2502-001 see details above


- Radar Antenna
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Yes, with the addition of the Avtech Digital Switching Unit (DSU) P/N 6001-1-1. List price for this unit is approximately $12000.
No, unlike the Bendix line of radar antenna assemblies, the antenna array is part of the final assembly part number. For example, part numbers 622-2502-001, 622-2501-001, and 622-2504-001 have the antenna arrays installed on them already. Thus, the differentiation between the sizes of the antenna arrays (i.e. 10", 12", 18").