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Model: CAD-31


Collins Aerospace


Control Adapter

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  • Control adapter used to adapt Pro Line II CTL-22 and CTL-32 Controls for use with the Pro Line VHF-20, VHF-20A, VHF-20B \n and VIR-30A, VIR-31A, VIR-31H remote avionics units
  • Adapts serial tuning data output from Proline II DME-42 DME Transceiver to parallel data used by other equipment
  • Converts serial data from Proline II CTL-22/32 or RTU-42XX (-002 only) to 2-out-of-5 parallel data used by Proline I radios
  • Used to adapt data from Collins RTU-42XX (Radio Tuning Units) to Proline units (-002 only)
  • -001 unit can select NAV-DME or VHF COMM mode and differentiate between source 1 or 2
  • -002 unit can select NAV-DME, VHF COMM, and DME modes of operation
  • Will select appropriate serial command based on priority logic which favors NAV commands
  • DME Mode permits the -002 to condition output based on DME frequency command regardless of presence of NAV freq command
TSO: C36d, c40b, C34d, C35d, C37c, C38c, C66b RTCA: DO-160A, DO-131A, DO-153A, DO-132A, DO-143, DO-156, DO-157, DO-151A
EUROCAE: ED-46, ED-22A, ED-47, 1/WG 7/70, ED-23, ED-24, MPS/WG 8/1/71 Environmental: DO-160A, categories /A2E1/B/JY/ EXXXXXZ/BZ/AZA/ EUROCAE ED-14A
Weight: 0.7 lb. Dimensions: 3.35"H x 1.04"W x 5.00"L
Temperature: -55 to 70C (operation) Altitude: 70000 ft.
Power Requirement: +27.5 VDC, 0.2A max Cooling: Convection
Part NumberControl Adapter Description:
622-8332-001 Original version, see details above
622-8332-002 Current production version, see details above


- Control Adapter

NSN: 6625-01-329-0815

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- Nav Adapter

NSN: 6625-01-546-0880

Price Condition Status

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The CTL-X0 is 30-40 years old. Service parts from Collins are either no longer available or extremely expensive. It is not cost effective nor possible in some situations to continue to utilize the CTL-X0 controls in your aircraft. Southeast Aerospace recommends converting the CTL-X0 controls over to the Collins CTL-X2 Proline II controls.

The CTL-X2 is not a direct replacement for the CTL-X0 controls. A connector change, CAD adapter, and locally fabricated panel filler plate are required for the change. A qualified avionics technician should perform this modification. While this is a moderately involved retrofit, it is a change that is eminent and will ultimately be required if you continue to use your original Proline I radios.

  • To convert from the CTL-20 Comm control, the CTL-22, CAD-31, mating connectors, and CAD bracket are required.
  • To convert from the CTL-30 Nav control, the CTL-32, CAD-31, mating connectors, and CAD bracket are required.
  • To convert from the CTL-60 ADF control, the CTL-62, CAD-62, mating connectors, and CAD bracket are required.
  • To convert from the CTL-90 Transponder control, the CTL-92, CAD-62, mating connectors, and CAD bracket are required.

For an exact SEA quote to convert from your CTL-X0 control, please provide the part number of your CTL-X0. Contact SEA with this information and an SEA rep will provide a quotation immediately.