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Model: DME-4000


Collins Aerospace


Distance Measuring Equipment

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  • Remote-mounted Multichannel DME
  • Operates on 252 channels from 960 to 1215 MHz with both X and Y pulse-pair spacings with a transmitter output power of 300 watts minimum and a minimum receiver sensitivity of -85 dBm
  • Tracks three DME stations at once, providing accurate updates of aircraft position
  • Station identification recognition provides accurate updates of aircraft position
  • For enhanced safety, the Collins exclusive echo monitoring circuit prevents display of erroneous data from multipath reflected signals
  • ARINC 429 and CSDB tuning and data outputs provide a variety of installation options
  • Serial tuning and data output capabilities are compatible with the DME-442
  • Single set of high-speed ARINC 429 I/O buses provides tuning, digital audio, navigation data, maintenance data and software data loading capability
  • Interfaces with the RIU-4000 to allow a concentrated radio interface to the rest of the aircraft
  • Meets latest DO-160D Change 1 environmental requirements
  • Internal diagnostic capability minimizes time spent on fault diagnosis; fault code read out available on CTL or RTU
  • Comprehensive maintenance software package works with aircraft maintenance computer and service center test software for improved maintainability
Size: 2.5 CMU Dimensions: 3.4"H x 2.5"W x 14.12"L
Weight: 3.4 lbs. Temperature: -55° to +70° C
Altitude: 70,000 ft. Input Power: 28 VDC 10 W
Channels: 252 Receive Frequency Range: 962-1213 MHz
Transmit Frequency: 1025-1150 MHz Frequency Control: CSDB or ARINC 429 serial data
Power Output: 300 W minimum Frequency Stability: ± 100 kHz
Sensitivity: -85 dBm minimum Lock-on-time: Less than 1 second (for 70% replies)
Sensitivity: -85 dBm minimum Audio Output: 50 mW into 600 channels
Distance (range and accuracy): 0-300 nmi., ±0.17 nmi (-10 to -83 dBm, up to 300 nmi.) Ground Speed (range and accuracy): 0-999 knots, ±1% or 1 knot
Time-to-station (range and accuracy): 0-120 minutes, ±1% or 1 minute Mounting Information: MMT-125
FAA TSO: C66c Environmental: DO-160D Change 1 [A2F2]ZBBB[(SLM) (TCC1R)][E]H [A3E3] XAA
EUROCAE: MPS-WG 8/1/71, ED-14A Serial Data Output: CSDB and ARINC 429 - distance, frequency, ground speed, time-to-station, station identifier, diagnostics
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822-1466-001 see details above


- Distance Measuring Equipment

NSN: 5826-01-524-9585

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- Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Interrogator Co
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