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Part #: 622-2082-002

Model: IND-350


Collins Aerospace


VOR Indicator

Part Number :


  • Single-pointer VOR/LOC indicator used with VIR-350/351 Navigation radios
  • Provides manual omnibearing selector (OBS) and displays a VOR/LOC deviation, to/from information, and NAV flag
  • -003 unit contains RNAV annunciator for total system compatibility
  • Rectilinear deviation bars for more precise deviation presentation
  • TO/FROM arrow seperate from NAV flag
  • Model availble with 1000-ohm nav flag for use with NAV receivers requiring a minimum of 1000-ohm load (see table below)
Dimensions: 3.25"W x 3.25"H x 4.75"L Weight: 1.0 lbs.
Temperature range: -15 to +55C (continuous) Altitude: 30000 (operational)
FAA TSO: C40a, C36c class D; DO-138 env. cat. DAPBAAAEXXXXX Input power: None required
Localizer centering: Within 7% of standard deflection (with VIR-350/351) LOC deflection range: 0.375" min. for 0.093 DDM at 1000 uV input
VOR bearing accuracy: +-2.0 degrees VOR deviation input: +-150 mV for +-5 dot deflection, meter resistance 1000 +-5% at 25 deg. C
TO-FROM flag input: +-40 mV for flag fully in view, meter resistance 200 +-10% at 25 deg. C OBS resolver: ORZ'd at 300 degrees
Part Number VOR/LOC Indicator Description:
622-4477-001 see features above


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