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Part #: 622-4480-001

Model: IND-650A


Collins Aerospace


ADF Indicator

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  • Single-pointer ADF indicator used with ADF-650/650A ADF systems
  • Interal lighting wedge
  • 360 degree visibility of compass card with reciprocal and 45 degree reference marks
  • Contains only a direct drive dc motor, no electronics or potentiometers
  • Similar to IND-650 but has metal chassis and case instead of plastic as with IND-650
FAA TSO: C41c Environmental: Category GAPAAAEXXXXX DO-138
Dimensions: 3.25"H x 3.25"W x 4.75"L Weight: 0.66 lbs.
Altitude: 30000 ft. max. Temperature: -15 to +71C (operation)
Input power: None required Lighting requirements: 2.5W at max intensity, 13.75Vdc at 0.182A (typical) or 27.5Vdc at 0.091A (typical)
Bearing indicator speed: Not more than 7 seconds for 175 deg. bearing rotation Bearing accuracy error: Not more than +-3 deg.
Part Number ADF Indicator Description:
622-2085-001 see details above


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