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Part #: 822-1006-010

Model: MFD-255K




Collins Aerospace


Multi-Function Display

Part Number :

  • Multi-Function Display, 5ATI Form Factor
  • Ideally suited for both retrofit and new installations
  • TSO certified version meeting TSO-C3d, C4c, C6d, C52b, C63c, C113, C155b, C199a and C137 are also available
  • Maximum active display surface in 5 ATI case
  • Active area of 4.22" x 4.22" (17.7 square inches)
  • Full complement of flight instrument software included - ADI, HSI, PFD (combined ADF/HSI format), Map, Weather Radar and Station Keeping
  • Can replace an existing instrument or provide an entire display system (FDS-255) in a new or retrofit application
  • Can be integrated with a FMS-800 or FMS-900 to provide an integrated system capable of seamless navigation and guidance
  • RS 170, PAL and NTSC video options available
  • RS 170 full-motion video is provided via an optional and modular video card
  • Easy to integrate with higher number of available analog and synchro inputs
  • Contains internal graphic generation, analog and digital input/output including ARINC 708 weather radar
  • ARINC-429 Databuses
  • Ethernet option
  • Programmed in ADA
  • User specific display formats can be developed and downloaded over the ARINC 429 bus via an ARINC 615 interface
  • Software is bus-loadable without removal of unit
  • Various Control Panel options or bezel keys
    • Display is controlled via CP-255 series control panel, or push button bezel version - MFD-255M
  • Designed for Optimum cockpit viewing
  • High contrast, color flat-panel display with wide viewing angle
  • Wide dimming range
  • NVIS-compatible Class A (green & blue) and Class B (all colors)
  • Available in 28 VDC or 115V power
  • Available in ARINC 408 case or panel mount
Dimensions: 5.08"H x 5.08"W x 8.85"D Weight: 8 lbs, max
Power: 50 watts typical, MIL-STD-704A, 28 Vdc Display Type: Color active matrix, liquid crystal display
Display Active Area: 4.22" x 4.22" Gray Shades: 64 video gray shades
Color Capability: 262,144 colors (video); 256 colors (symbols) Dimming Range: Over 3200:1
Display Luminance: 160 fL at full brightness Display Resolution: 719 x 719 elements, delta triad
Viewing Angle: ± 65° +40°/-20° V Reflectance: <0.17% diffuse < 0.75% spectacular
STD Interfaces: ARINC 429, ARINC 708; analog, synchro and discrete interfaces Reliability: >11,000 hrs MTBF (@ 25°C airborne inhabited transport environment)
Temperature: -40°C to +55°C operating; +71°C intermittent operation; -57°C to +85°C storage Vibration: 15 to 2000 Hz (0.01 g2/Hz) 4.455 G rms
Shock, Crash Safety: RTCA DO-160C Section 7, 20 g/11 ms (impulse) 12g/3 s (sustained) Shock, Operational: RTCA DO-160C, Section 7, pulse 10g/11 ms
Humidity: RTCA DO-160C, Cat. B Salt-Sea Spray: RTCA DO-160C, Cat. S
Explosion Proofness: RTCA DO-160C, Cat. E1 Water Proofness: RTCA DO-160C, Cat. W
Sand/Dust: RTCA DO-160C, Cat. D RF Susceptibility: RTCA DO-160C, Cat. V
Emission of RF Energy: RTCA DO-160C, Cat. Z Lightning: Level 3
Part NumberModel:Multi-Function Display Description:
822-0975-001 MFD-255M 28VDC, Bezel Mount w/5V Keypanel, NVIS, 4 Hole Mount
822-0975-003 MFD-255M 28VDC, Bezel Mount w/5V Keypanel, NVIS, Custom, 4 Hole Mount
822-0975-005 MFD-255M 28VDC, Bezel Mount w/5V Keypanel, NVIS, w/Pushbuttons, 4 Hole Mount
822-0975-011 MFD-255MV 28VDC, Bezel Mount w/5V Keypanel, NVIS, Video, 4 Hole Mount - Requires Adapter Mount
822-0975-085 MFD-255M 28VDC, Bezel Mount w/28V Keypanel, 4 Hole Mount
822-0975-221 MFD-255M 28VDC, w/Lighted Inclinometer, 4 Hole Mount
822-0975-405 MFD-255M 28VDC, Bezel Mount w/5V Keypanel, NVIS w/SKE, 4 Hole Mount
822-1006-010 MFD-255K 28VDC, Bezel Mount, 4 Hole Mount
822-1006-015 MFD-255K 28VDC, Bezel Mount, NVIS, 4 Hole Mount
822-1006-201 MFD-255K 28VDC, Bezel Mount, Ethernet, 4 Hole Mount
822-1030-001 MFD-255P 115VAC, Bezel Mount, Custom I/O, 4 Hole Mount
822-1207-001 MFD-255 28VDC, ARINC 408 Clamp Mount
822-1207-002 MFD-255 115VAC, ARINC 408 Clamp Mount
822-1207-003 MFD-255 28VDC, ARINC 408 Clamp Mount
822-1207-004 MFD-255 115VAC, ARINC 408 Clamp Mount
822-1207-215 MFD-255 28VDC, NVIS, Lighted inclinometer, Custom Mount, Short, Video, 4 Hole Mount - Requires Adapter Mount
822-1207-415 MFD-255 28VDC, NVIS, Lighted Inclinometer, Custom Mount, Short, Video, ARINC 408 - Requires Adapter Mount
822-1418-021 MFD-255E 28VDC, Bezel Mount w/28V Keypanel, NVIS, 4 Hole Mount
822-1733-001 MFD-255F 28VDC, ARINC 408 Clamp Mount, TSO


- Multi-Function Display

NSN: 5841-01-432-3814

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