Part #: 822-2911-001

Model: TTR-2100

Collins Aerospace - TCAS II Processor (AC Power)
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  • TCAS II Transmitter/Receiver
  • TCAS II Change 7.1 standard: Allows either aircraft to issue a reversal in a TCAS to TCAS RA event and changes "Adjust Vertical Speed Adjust' to "Level Off Level Off"
  • Available for Boeing aircraft as a forward-fit and retrofit solution
  • Adds safety by detecting and displaying potential collision threats
  • Automatically computes avoidance maneuvers with aural and visual commands
  • Automatically coordinates complementary commands in encounters with other TCAS II equipped aircraft
  • Flexibility with a wide variety of display and control options
  • Extensive input/output capability with analog and digital system interfaces for universal application and fleet commonality
  • Ability to interface with single or dual Mode S transponders, including the Rockwell Collins TDR-94D
  • Data load feature included for shop or onaircraft software revisions
  • Internal diagnostics allow accurate isolation of failures on the flight line and provide a fault history
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822-2911-001 See details above


- TCAS II Processor (AC Power)
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