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Model: VHF-422B


Collins Aerospace


VHF Comm

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  • Proline IV remote-mounted, multichannel VHF voice transceiver providing AM voice communications in the frequency range from 118-151 MHz
  • May be controlled by serial digital signal from an ARINC 429 control such as the RTU-4200 Radio Tuning Unit
  • Meets DO-160C HIRF requirements (Category R)
  • 25 kHz channel spacing
  • DO-160C lightning requirements (Level 3)
  • ICAO Annex 10 FM immunity requirements (DO-186) are met
  • Emergency low-voltage operation is provided
  • Models available reduced level of VHF harmonics in GPS band (see table below)


Weight: 5.6 lbs. Dimensions: 3.750"W x 3.50"H x 13.9"L
Related documents: DO-138, Env Category AD/A/JNG/AAAEXXXXX; TSO C37b and C38b, class 1, FCC rules and regulations, parts 15 and 87 Temperature: -65 to +131 C
Altitude: 55000 ft. max. Shock: 6 g for 11 ms, operating
Frequency Range: 117.000 to 151 MHz Frequency stability: +-0.0015%
Channel Spacing: 25 kHz Frequency control: 2-out-of-5, in accordance w/ ARINC 410
Channel change time: Less than 50 ms Transmit-receive interval: Less than 50 ms
Radiated rfi: Meets RTCA Paper DO-138, DO-109, DO-110 RF power output: 20 watts nominal; 16 watts minimum
Output impedance: 52 ohms, unbalanced Harmonic Content: 60 dB down from carrier minimum
Spurious content: 90 dB from carrier minimum Modulation capability: 90% amplitude modulation
Modulator input: Carbon mic input 0.125 V adjustable, 150 ohms Sidetone output: 100 milliwatts into 600 ohms with 90% modulation
Duty cycle: 1-minute transmit; 4-minute receive Noise level: 50 dB below 85% modulation at 1000 Hz
Audio response: 6-dB variation from 300 to 2500 Hz Audio distortion: 15% max, 85% modualtion
Receiver Sensitivity: 6 dB (signal + noise)/noise for 3-uV signal; 30 dB (signal + noise)/noise for 100-uV signal Receiver Selectivity: 6 db= +-8 kHz min, 60 db= +-17 kHz max (for -001 unit); 6db= +-15 Khz min, 60 dB= +-35 Khz min (for -002 unit)
AGC range: Maximum 3-dB variation, 5 to 200,000 uV Receiver audio output: 100 mW into 600 ohms, balanced
Receiver audio response: 6-dB variation from 300 to 2500 Hz, 1000-Hz reference Receiver audio distortion: 7% max, 30% modulated signal
Part NumberCommunications Transceiver Description:
622-7293-101 CSDB/429 Interface, 118-152 MHz, 25 khz channel spacing
622-7293-121 CSDB/429 Interface, 118-152 MHz, 25 khz channel spacing, GPS interference immune


- VHF Comm

NSN: 5821-01-442-4176

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- VHF Comm
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