Part #: CI-158C-3

Model: CI158C-3

Comant - VOR/GS "V" Dipole Antenna
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Part Number :

VOR/GS (CI-158C-3)

Frequency · 108-118 MHz (VOR/LOC) · 329-335 MHz (Glide Slope)

"V" Dipole VOR/Glide Slope Antenna with detachable elements was developed specifically for Beech Bonanza aircraft and encompasses reduced static capability with the use of P-Stat paint and bleeder resistors. Integral ferrite balun provides for higher radiation efficiency. Not approved for helicopter installations. Electrical :

Frequency 108 - 118 MHz (VOR / LOC) 329 - 335 MHz (Glide Slope)
VSWR 6.0:1 108 - 118 MHz (VOR / LOC) 2.5:1 329 - 335 MHz (Glide Slope)
Polarization Horizontal
Radiation Pattern Dipole
Impedance 50 Ohms Nominal
Power Receive Only

Mechanical :

Weight 0.35 lb. Maximum
Height 16.70 in. Maximum
Material Delrin housing / Polyester glass laminate over stainless radiators
Finish Black housing / White Polyurethane paint over P-Stat paint
Connector BNC

Environmental :

Temperature -55°C to +85°C
Altitude 50,000 ft.
Air Speed 250 Knots TAS @ 25,000 ft.

Federal Specifications :

RTCA Environmental DO-160
Environmental Category B2ALXXXXXXXXXXX
FAA TSO C34c, C38c, C40c
RTCA MOPS DO-192, DO-195, DO-196
Part NumberDescription:
CI-158C-3 VOR/GS "V" Dipole Antenna with 4-hole mounting and reduced static


- VOR/GS "V" Dipole Antenna
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