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Part #: CI-2480-201

Model: CI2480-201




GPS/ VHF Antenna

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VHF/GPS (CI-2480-201)



  • Frequency · 1575.42 MHz 17dB Gain 118-137 MHz All new design shares the popular CI-248 style
  • Combines both GPS and VHF Com functions in a single footprint
  • Same 4-hole mounting dimensions as popular VHF antennas
  • Provides separate connections - TNC for GPS and BNC for communication
  • Requires no other accessories for connection to panel-mount or handheld GPS/Comm receiver/transceiver "combos"
  • Features a built-in notch filter for excellent performance in a single package, and a GPS amplifier designed specifically for Garmin GPS receivers
  • This patented design is perfect for helicopter applications, and has been tested under the toughest RTCA DO-160D environmental conditions

GPS Electrical :

Frequency 1575.42 ±3 MHz
Polarization RHCP
Axial Ratio (Boresight) 3 dB Maximum
Power Handling 1 Watt
Radiation Coverage (Gain) -1.0 dBic < Ø < 75°
  -2.5 dBic < Ø < 80°
  -4.5 dBic < Ø < 85°
  -7.5 dBic < Ø = 90° (Horizon)
  +5.0 dBic nom. at Ø = 0° (Zenith)

Amplifier :

Voltage 5vdc
Gain 17dB ±3 dB
Noise Figure 2.0 dB Maximum / 3.8 dB Maximum
Impedance 50 Ohms
VSWR 2.0:1 Maximum Output
Out of Band Rejection 35 dB Minimum @ 1626 MHz
Power Handling 20 mA Maximum
Lightning DC Grounded

VHF Electrical :

Frequency 118 - 137 MHz
VSWR 2.5:1 Maximum
Polarization Vertical
Radiation Pattern Omnidirectional
Impedance 50 Ohms
Power Rating 50 Watts
VHF Harmonic Rejection 80 dB Typical

Mechanical :

Weight 0.6 lb. Maximum
Height 17.0 in. Maximum
Material Molded Radome
Finish White Polyurethane Enamel (Standard)
Connector Order option of   BNC -- Data Link Port   or   TNC -- GPS Port
Gasket C248006-2 Cork

Environmental :

Temperature -55°C to +85°C
Altitude 55,000 ft.
Air Speed 350 Knots TAS

Federal Specifications :

RTCA Environmental DO-160D
Environmental Category [F2X]ACB[S(L)U(F,F1)T(C,C1,R)] XRFXXSXXXXXXXX[XX]C
FAA TSO C37d, C38d, C144


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CI-2480201 VHF and GPS Combination Antenna with 17dB Gain


- GPS/ VHF Antenna
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