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Part #: CI-2480-301

Model: CI2480-301




GPS/ VHF Antenna

Part Number :


Frequency · 1575.42 MHz 26.5dB Gain 118-137 MHz VHF 137-150.5 MHz ORBCOMM This is the first "three-in-one" antenna of its type. In a single footprint, this antenna provides GPS, VHF, and Orbcomm reception. This saves precious airframe space, and minimizes installation costs. Plus, by bringing three antennas down to one, reduced drag and increased aesthetics are obvious benefits. Designed in conjunction with Avidyne™, this antenna also has a built-in notch filter, eliminating the need for in-line filters or excessive spacing between VHF and GPS antennas. The CI-2480-301 is designed for 17 dB gain GPS systems as seen with Garmin™ GPS systems.

GPS Electrical :

Frequency 1575.42 ±3 MHz
Polarization RHCP
Axial Ratio (Boresight) 3 dB Maximum
Power Handling 1 Watt
Radiation Coverage (Gain) -1.0 dBic < Ø < 75°
  -2.5 dBic < Ø < 80°
  -4.5 dBic < Ø < 85°
  -7.5 dBic < Ø = 90° (Horizon)
  +5.0 dBic nom. at Ø = 0° (Zenith)

Amplifier :

Voltage 5vdc
Gain 17dB
Noise Figure 3.8 dB Maximum
Impedance 50 Ohms
VSWR 2.0:1 Maximum Output
Out of Band Rejection 35 dB Minimum @ 1626 MHz
Power Handling 50 mA Maximum
Lightning DC Grounded

VHF Electrical :

Frequency 118 - 137 MHz VHF
VSWR 2.5:1 Maximum VHF 1.8:1 Maximum ORBCOMM
Polarization Vertical
Radiation Pattern Omnidirectional
Impedance 50 Ohms
Power Rating 50 Watts
VHF Harmonic Rejection 80 dB Typical

Mechanical :

Weight 0.6 lb. Maximum
Height 17.0 in. Maximum
Material Molded Radome
Finish White Polyurethane Enamel (Standard)
Connector Order option of   BNC -- Data Link Port   or   TNC -- GPS Port
Gasket C248006-2 Cork

Environmental :

Temperature -55°C to +85°C
Altitude 55,000 ft.
Air Speed 350 Knots TAS

Federal Specifications :

RTCA Environmental DO-160D
Environmental Category [F2X]ACB[S(L)U(F,F1)T(C,C1,R)] XRFXXSXXXXXXXX[XX]C
FAA TSO C37d, C38d, C144


Part NumberDescription:
CI-2480301 VHF, GPS, and ORBCOMM™ Combination Antenna with 17dB Gain


- GPS/ VHF Antenna
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