Part #: CI-273

Model: CI273

Comant - Radiotelephone Antenna
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UHF Radiotelephone (CI-273)

Frequency · 403-512 MHz

Identical to CI-271 except its electrical performance is specified over the frequency range of 403 to 512 MHz in various band segments with VSWR limits shown. Stub antenna designed to withstand the harsh environments associated with the underside of an aircraft. Antenna radiator is mechanically captivated and is sealed against leakage. All exposed metal surfaces are nickel-plated for corrosion resistance and long service. The CI-273 mounts through single 0.600" BNC connector is standard. Other connectors available. See P/N's to order a different connector. Electrical :

Frequency 403 to 512 MHz
VSWR 3.0:1 @ 403 to 512 MHz 3.0:1 @ 403 to 430 MHz 2.0:1 @ 403 to 470 MHz 3.0:1 @ 470 to 512 MHz
Polarization Vertical
Radiation Pattern Equivalent of l / 4 Stub
Impedance 50 Ohms
Power 50 Watts Average

Mechanical :

Weight 0.18 lb. Maximum
Height 7.0 in. Maximum
Material Nickel plated brass
Finish Tin nickel alloy
Connector (see above P/N's to order the choice of connector)

Environmental :

Air Speed 250 Knots TAS @ 25,000 ft.


Part Number Description:
CI-273 UHF Radiotelephone Antenna with a BNC Connector
CI-273-2 UHF Radiotelephone Antenna with a TNC Connector
CI-273-3 UHF Radiotelephone Antenna with a C Connector
CI-273-5 UHF Radiotelephone Antenna with an N Connector


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NSN: 5975-01-035-4386

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